Hamels Pitches In Clearwater

Cole Hamels just finished his first start after getting that injection into his left elbow last Tuesday.

Facing Minor Leaguers at the Carpenter Complex, he allowed one hit and one walk in 3 2/3 scoreless innings. He struck out five. He threw 48 pitches, 35 of them for strikes. Based on that pitch count alone, I don’t think there’s much of a chance Hamels will pitch Opening Night on April 5. Like Rich Dubee said yesterday, he probably needs two more starts to get his arm strength up.


Pitch count isn’t great, but the results are nice to see.

Todd, what’s up with all the stolen bases against us this spring? Is it the pitchers or catchers, or both? I mean, c’mon, Scott Rolen?

I asked TOdd this last week and got no answer (bad boy, Todd).
I agree, it seems as if whomever wants to can run at will against us. Good to see COle have a good outing. I don’t care is he pitches opening nights as long as he pitches the first game of the W.S. again

YAHOO! Utley just hit a dinger :- )

P.S. So did Werth!

Majewski just got beat up on. Guess he won’t be one of the guys going north….

4 steals against so far today, one of HOME!! Guess that’ll be on Sports Center tonight.

Chase’s first HR! It’s about time! LOL!

I’m hoping all the bloggers don’t defect to Facebook. Todd has 130+ friends already!

I think the reason why a lot of bases are being stolen is because the catchers have to be carefull when they throw too. When you throw as hard as you can from an awkward angle, an injury is a possibility, but too end up on the DL at the beginning of the season because you didn’t want a Matt Stairs to steal a base on you is ridiculous. As long as Chooch is ready on opening day, I’m not going to worry. Last year, he proved he has a good arm. Also the pitchers are working on aspects of their deliveries, so they’ll let the runner go sometimes.

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