Don't Ever Assume

Charlie Manuel today was talking about bench players, and how even the most secure bench players should never feel completely secure about their jobs:

“When you’re a bench player, you goddam better think you’re competing. Just as soon as you think you’ve got it made, somebody will come along and sniff you right off the bench. That happens all the time. Don’t ever assume anything. … We want hardnosed, winning players. If you think you’re going to short cut us, some dumb guy like me will trip you up.”



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I like Charlie more and more every day. I used to be overly critical of him (although in his 1st 2 seasons he deserved criticism), but now he’s really letting her personality shine through and is becoming a better tactician type manager. Love me some Fuqua!!!

Charlie sure knows how to tickle this city’s fancy.

Awesome quote and a great statement. That is spoken like a manager of a championship team that is ready to win another one! Never be satisfied and always try to get better. Gotta love it!

That was one of the more brilliant statements by a ‘dumb guy’ that I have ever heard. Way to go, Chollie!!!

Oh…Go Villanova!!!

Okay. I know this is a baseball blog, but…….


Two words: Wally Pipp.

I wonder if that was aimed at anybody in particular? Sounds like Chollie is sending somebody a message.

I agree, there was a message there for someone. Coste, Jenkins?

It was oh so profound, in mh hirsute opinion.

– Phan in TN

Love Cholly! I too wondered if his message was aimed at anyone. I thought Jenkins, Coste, even Dobbs.

Hammerin’ Hank is such a class act. I’ve always thought that and now that he thinks our infield is top notch, it just reassures my opinion of him🙂

Myers sounds like he’s doing all right against the Houston starters. He did give up a cookie to Tejada, though.

They pulled Chase again?! Charlie better start letting him play a whole game. IMHO. LOL! Wonder why J.Roll didn’t at least start?

It’s interesting that Hammerin’ Hank would choose Utley. Most so-called experts would put Puhols ahead of him because Chase Utley is the only 5-tool player in baseball who is never referred to as a 5-tool player. God bless you HANK for calling that to everyone’s attention!!

I don’t think Charlie is talking about anyone who was on the team last year. He knows those guys. I think he’s talking about Paulino. Afterall, he came to the Phils with the reputation of being a slacker, which is clearly manifested in his weight issues. The Phils have been trying to find a team (as dumb as we were when we traded Jaramillo for him) to trade him to.

The Inky said the back-up position is pretty much Coste’s. Even though he’s not hitting as well as Paulino. Charlie doesn’t like Paulino’s stance at the plate. And thinks he’s “too tight” in his swings. The report says, the Phils are actively looking to trade him.

The biggest compliment…….Management appreciates what Coste has done for the team the last few years.

Hey, I’ve been writing that for the past couple days, too!

Sorry Todd!!! Old habits are hard to break! LOL!

I was just kidding with ya … and making sure you’re paying attention!

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