Happy Birthday HK

Today is Harry Kalas‘ 73rd birthday.

Update: Spoke to Kalas earlier today.

Me: “Happy birthday, Harry. You broadcasting today?”

Kalas: “No.”

Me: “So why are you here then?”

Kalas: “For the love of the game.”


Here is today’s lineup against the Yankees:

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Shane Victorino, CF
3. Chase Utley, 2B
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Raul Ibanez, LF
6. Jayson Werth, RF
7. Matt Stairs, DH
8. Pedro Feliz, 3B
9. Ronny Paulino, C

Carlos Carrasco starts for the Phillies.


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How do you get the lineup so early?


They post it in the clubhouse around 8 a.m.

o. I was just curious to see if there was a website that would post it early or if you were at the ballpark.

I owe the regular bloggers from last season an apology> I promised, after Jenkins’ playoff heroics, never to call him Junkins again. Yesterday I unwittingly call him Junkins. I am sorry for this lapse on my part. It would have helped, however, if he was having a spring that wasn’t so bad!!!

To whomever caught teh slip yesterday and brought it to my attention, thanks

Nope, I’m at the ballpark.

FIJ: No offense taken here. I sorta looked upon it as a term of endearment?! Kinda like a couple of folks calling Pedro Feliz “Pete Happy” .

Norma: when I get a chance I’ll check out Todd’s Facebook page and see if I can you amongst what I’m sure are the 100s of “friends” Todd Z has.

okay, I see it’s a slow, quiet morning there. Who is the 25th man? choices are: Cairo, Mayberry, Stairs, Paulino, Giles, PTBNL (player to be Named Later)?

Who gets called up first, Marson, Donalds or Mayberry?

Hey Jeff. I think it”s Cairo at this point. Based on Zo’s post, won’t be Paulino; Giles has had a weak spring; Stairs has a decent shot and while my head says Mayberry needs to play everyday, he sure would look good coming off the bench late in the game. Don’t see Donald or Marson coming up unless there is an injury but Mayberry could be a possibility if we see nothing but left handed relievers early on. IMHO.

I think Cairo si teh answer as well, unless they pull a trade with Stairs and Paulino or something. We need added insurance in the INF with both Feliz and Utely coming back from surgery. Mayberry I figure is called up if one of the 3OF (werth, Victorino or Ibanez) goes down. If either Feliz or Utley has a relapse or if Jroll hurts himself Donalds is up the next day. Marson gets called in Sept unless The world caves in. He will be great, but hes not ready yet, not even to fill in for a 15 DL stint.

I don’t know what Harry’s health problem was, but I saw a picture of him yesterday and he looked like the Crypt Keeper. I hope he’s OK.

The point about insurance for Feliz and Utley really plays into Cairo’s favor, IMO.

Hey Karen, Pedro’s name translates to ‘Pete Happy’. Didn’t you ever call Jose Mesa ‘Joe Table’?

phan52—I remember a little bit from my 4 yrs of Spanish I took way back when in HS. Can’t say I ever call Jose Mesa “Joe Table” (where is Jose today? out of baseball? Remember the “horror” of having he and Alfonseco in the pen?!?)

Do agree with everyone about Cairo. Be nice to see Stairs stick around. Of course if he’s traded, he was always be revered as a hero in Philly.

The only way Stairs is with the team after April is if they trade Jenkins. Coste, Dobbs and Brunlett make this team no questions asked. The 4th OF should be Jenkins (both due to contract and past numbers) Cairo is the “I can play anywhere-hope Feliz and Utley don’t get hurt” insurance. Sorry Stairs, looks like you have to go.

OMG!!! We threw out a runner at 2nd, is that the first time all spring, or does it only seem that way?

I really hope Howard carries his stroke into the regular season. Another dinger.
Karen, my daughter was the first one I heard call him ‘Pete Happy’. I was watching a game last year when they announced his name to come to bat and she said, “oh, Pete Happy!” She speaks fluent Spanish and is pretty much bilingual. Her class just went on a class trip yesterday to NYC and saw a revival of ‘West Side Story’. All the hispanic roles were spoken and sung in Spanish and she loved it. A lot of her classmates, not so much.

Utley & Howard go yar! (Carassco also gave up a 2 run HR).

FYI: I believe WPHL-channel 7 (on Comcast Cable) is broadcasting Sunday’s Phillies game vs. Bosox.

phan52: That’s very cool about your daughter. Kids say the darndest things!

mine uses 4 letter words in two languages and he’s only 7. What’s the world coming too…..

Ya’ gotta love Harry! HAPPY BIRTHDAY “H”! And I agree, he doesn’t look well. Plus, he’s been making a lot of small boo-boo’s in the booth the last couple of years. Hope everything’s OK. What would Phillies baseball be without him?!

Karen….Like I said, I should be easy to find in Todd’s list of friends. Probably the only Norma there! LOL!

phan52…I think it’s kind of funny, how folks are just getting the “Pete Happy” thing. I called Feliz that, all last season. Of course, I was getting some odd looks from fans sitting around me.

OUCH! Sure glad that game wasn’t on TV today. 10-2 loss for our boys. I guess the back-to-back HR’s from Chase and Ryan, in the 1st, were the highlight.

And who can believe, with all his problems, that Chase is the only regular hitting over 300?! (He had 2 hits today) And he hasn’t even played a full game yet. Werth was hitting over 300, but he went 0-3 today, so slipped to 298.

Eyre got knocked around pretty good today. 5 hits and 5 runs in one inning. Kind of scary that he’s the lone lefty in the bullpen right now.

Happy Birthday to the greatest sports commentator/ announcer in the history of sports broadcasting!!!!!!!! 73 and going strong. One of the things I miss most about living in Philly is that Harry Kalas does every game and you just have to turn on the TV or the radio to hear him give the play-by-play. I can’t afford MLBTV or the cable Phillies season package. If anyone knows a cheap way to hear the broadcasts live, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a comment below.


I grew up in North Philly (Juniata Park area) and have listened to Harry since the 70’s.

Anyone know if he still smokes?

– Phan in TN

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