Your Daily Hamels Update

hamels 0318.jpgCole Hamels
threw 48 pitches in a bullpen session today. He felt fine afterward.

He felt fine yesterday, too, a day after he pitched in a Minor League Spring Training game at the Carpenter Complex.

Hamels will pitch Sunday against the Boston Red Sox at Bright House Field. The Phillies still officially haven’t ruled out Hamels for Opening Night, but he remains a long shot. Why? Because he threw just 48 pitches Tuesday and is scheduled to throw 70 to 75 pitches Sunday. The Phillies won’t start Hamels if they don’t feel confident he can pitch deep into a game with 90 pitches.

Rich Dubee said things could change if Hamels throws nine innings on 75 pitches Sunday. Of course, he was smiling when he said it, so it sounds like he’s not expecting that.

But if Hamels can pitch nine innings throwing 75 pitches he’ll start Opening Night?

“If Chuck says he’s good for 90,” Dubee said. “He could pitch six or seven with 90.”


Carlos Carrasco allowed six hits, four runs and one walk in five innings in the 10-2 loss to the Yankees. He struck out four. He is 2-2 with a 5.95 ERA in 19 2/3 innings this spring.

“I think his stuff is good and everything,” Charlie Manuel said. “I think he’s going to pitch in the big leagues, but he’s definitley got to improve some things. I think when he does is when he’ll pitch in the big leagues. He’s got to throw his breaking ball more, throw his secondary stuff over the plate and also be a little more aggressive with his fastball. Trust his fastball.

“His stuff is there, but he needs some experience. He needs some guidance. He needs to finish off some of the little things it takes to be a good pitcher.”


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so we acn now officially say the race for the 5th starter’s job is between Happ and Park?? Any useful insight into teh game today Todd? Was Erye as bad as his line says? Is our inability to catch anyone stealing a fundamental problem? Are we worrying about this? What are we going to do with Stairs?

We need some answers, the season starts very soon

fan_in_j.., sorry about my harsh words the other day. I know you are a true Phillies Phan just by what you always write. I was in a bad mood when I read that Jenkins- variation and just had to say something. Todd’s Zozone blog is the only sanctuary where we can voice our valid opinions and not be unreasonably critical of anyone. To express criticism and anger is all part of being a Philly sports fan, but we need to draw the line for acceptible comments somewhere. Sorry again my Phriend. Look forward to reading your comments this season. GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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