Paulino Traded to Giants for Taschner

taschner.jpgJust got word that the Phillies have traded Ronny Paulino to the San Francisco Giants for left-handed reliever Jack Taschner.

A few things about this trade:

  • It’s a lock. Chris Coste will open the season as Carlos Ruiz‘s backup.
  • Taschner will be the bullpen’s second left-hander while J.C. Romero serves his 50-game suspension. The other left-hander is Scott Eyre.
  • This could pave the way for J.A. Happ to open the season in the rotation and Chan Ho Park to open the season in the bullpen, although Ruben Amaro Jr. stressed that nothing had been decided. There had been some talk that Happ could open the season in the bullpen, if Park had a better spring than him. But both have pitched about the same, so I would be surprised at this point if Happ isn’t this team’s No. 5 starter.

Update: The Giants flipped Paulino to the Marlins for Minor League pitcher Hector Correra.


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Told ya!

And I guess Todd did, too! 😉

Solid return for the Phils considering they had no place for Paulino to go.

Ronnie Paulino’s a tool. I was a fan of him while he was in Pittsburgh, but he just could never be consistent with anything. I’m sure you won’t regret losing him. Ruiz and Coste are solid catchers.

Speaking as a selfish season ticket holder of the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, if Happ wins the #5 spot in the rotation and the Phillies don’t need a #5 starter until April 20th, is there any chance that Happ gets 2 starts at AAA before he joins the Phillies?

It’s going to be nice having some real prospects in Allentown this year.

erichh1: No offence was taken. I meant my words in apology. I had promised not to call him that any more after the post season. (THough I called him that all last year).

On another note: THis trade solves all kinds of issues. We now know that our pitching staff is set, Cole, Myers, Moyer Blanton as starters, Lidge, Madson, Eyre, Taschner, Coundry, and Durben in the Pen with Happ and Park fighting over the last strating role with the looser going to then pen.

We also know who 4 out of the 5 bench players are: Dobbs (who was the target of Charlie’s tirade I think, he’s had a not great Spring) Coste, Brunlett, and Jenkins (can’t dump that much salary right now). Remaining question: Who is 25th player, Stairs, Mayberry, or Cairo?

Todd, you’ve hinted Cairo in past, that still hold or are theyre changes in people’s mind

I confess to not really understanding this chain of events:

paulino gets traded so we get another left hander so Park will be in the bullpen.

What does another left hander in the bullpen have to do with our starting rotation?

Granted, i depend on my looks to get me through life.

What is the 2nd lefty for? For all the left handers in the Mets lineup. The Mets are only carrying one lefty. Pedro Feliciano although by the time the Mets play the Phillies they will probably have another lefty.

Also check out my blog:

Taschner is trash. He’s a lefty that gets battered around by lefties. His career era is 5.01, and he allows tons of baserunners per inning. This guy will not help our bullpen.

he’s here for 50 games unless he becomes a reincarnated Bruce Sutter. He will pitch when the game’s don’t matter so Eyre’s arm doeasn’t fall off like Romero’s did last year. 50 games and he’s outta here

Now this is not even funny.
Happ got beaten up today.
Yeah he did better as innings went,
but that doesn’t mean that the first inning doesn’t count.
I don’t know why so many phillies like Happ at this moment.
They just want to see him pitchin every five days. Yeah
I want to see him as well, but I say that he failed to prove that he is competent enough for the 5th spot. I think he should just go to AAA and practice more, or start off the season as a relief instead of being a starter.
On the other hand, I think Park is showing some stuff this spring and he should definitely get a chance.
Besides, he came to Phillies because he wanted to be a starter.
He had an excellent season in the Dodgers last year but he came here because Dodgers wouldn’t allow him as a starter. So, I say we don’t have to disappoint this veteran pitcher.

Who knows, with Rich Dubee, Taschner could improve tremendously. It seems everyone who has come under Rich Dubee’s wing has improved, except Eaton. But then, Eaton didn’t even try. That wasn’t Dubee’s fault. Personally, in my 40+ years of loving Phillies’ baseball, I think Rich Dubee is the best pitching coach I’ve seen. It just seems like he makes (almost) everyone better than they were. And there there’s Jamie Moyer who will mentor anyone who will listen. The smart ones, like Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge, listen. Maybe Taschner will take some pages from their books! We’ll have to wait and see, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Taschner does better here.

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