Clearwater to Dunedin

I learned this morning that J.A. Happ was pitching in a Minor League game against the Blue Jays at 10 a.m. in Dunedin.

The Phillies play the Pirates at 1 p.m. in Bradenton.

Oh, where to go?

I chose Dunedin because Happ is competing for the fifth spot in the rotation, and that competition is nearing its conclusion. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Happ’s game started at 10 and that Dunedin is 10 minutes away, compared to a 1 p.m. start and an hour-plus drive to reach Bradenton.

Happ allowed six hits, five runs, two walks and four strikeouts in 5 1/3 innings, but he pitched better than his line indicated. He struggled in the first inning, allowing three runs. But he retired 13 of 14 batters at one point. He allowed two more runs in the sixth, but those runs scored when the leftfielder couldn’t catch up to a flare in left field.


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I’m sure the Dunedin rangers will help him develop his skills.

(Lord of the Rings joke)

– Phan in TN

Not an impressive outing by Happ, facing minor or major leaguers. I still like Park, but I suspect Happ wil get the #5 slot. Good decision skipping Bradenton, those geezers in their golf carts and Rascals are a daily demolition derby. Congrats on being #1, go ask for a raise…LOL.

Told you that you would be #1 it would jsut take a little bit for Phillies Zone readers to migrate here. Congrats Zo!

I’m coming from

I’ve given up on trying to get my Phillies news from there.

If they have game chats, I may attend in the future.

– Phan in TN

Congrats on the #1 satus, Todd!!!

And smart move going to Dunedin. The Pirates creamed our boys in Bradenton.

Do you think that three left-handed pitcher in lotation?

So I disagree your thinking. Park is better better better than happ.

Today game’s happ is faint. Happ don’t have starter’s skill.

Now this is not even funny.
Happ got beaten up today.
Yeah he did better as innings went,
but that doesn’t mean that the first inning doesn’t count.
I don’t know why so many phillies like Happ at this moment.
They just want to see him pitchin every five days. Yeah
I want to see him as well, but I say that he failed to prove that he is competent enough for the 5th spot. I think he should just go to AAA and practice more, or start off the season as a relief instead of being a starter.
On the other hand, I think Park is showing some stuff this spring and he should definitely get a chance.
Besides, he came to Phillies because he wanted to be a starter.
He had an excellent season in the Dodgers last year but he came here because Dodgers wouldn’t allow him as a starter. So, I say we don’t have to disappoint this veteran pitcher.

Nothing personal but if this site is #1 in anything, the only thing I can conclude is that it is the best of a bad lot.

You obviously don’t spend much time here phillie_phan because the information is excellent and timely.

Congrats on your no. 1 ranking.

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