Flip the Switch?

manuel.jpgThe Phillies open the 2009 season a week from tonight, and Charlie Manuel has some concerns about his offense.

He likes his players to have about 60 to 70 at-bats in the Grapefruit League, but four of his starters are short of that because of injuries or participation in the World Baseball Classic. Jimmy Rollins has 21 at-bats, plus the 24 he had with Team USA in the WBC. Shane Victorino has 27 at-bats, plus the 19 he had with Team USA. Chase Utley has 27 at-bats. Pedro Feliz has 32.

But can’t the Phillies just flip a switch once the season starts?

“He can take that and ram it where he can’t get it,” Manuel said, asked about players who say they can flip a switch once the season starts. “No, I don’t believe that.”


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Let’s take the usual, everyday lineup:

J-Roll – Batting .333 when you combine both stats (15/45)
Victorino – Batting .261 combining both (12/46)
Utley – .296
Howard – .279, 7 HR, 19 RBI
Werth – .315
Ibanez – .290
Feliz – .188
Ruiz – .385

Combine all of those, and you get 105 hits in 360 ABs, or a .292 average this spring.
Based on that, I don’t think there will be any ramming…

Most of us know the Phils seem to start slow with the bats, and I think alot of northeast teams do. I see the Braves are going to start Derrick Lowe on opening night against the Phils….just great!! I know they would be facing any teams best guy that first game, but the Phils dont hit him too well. Plus, our best starter wont be pitching, so a week fom 2nite could be a rough one for us. I hope the crowd stays loud the whole game, and not just the first 2 innings.

Well….I’ve been telling Charlie over and over, to quit pulling the regulars. But will he listen? Nooooo! LOL! Even today, J.Roll, Vic, Ryan, and I think Chase, were all pulled the last couple of innings. Let them play a complete game, and they’ll get their AB’s. Only a week til Opening Day. Time to step up to the plate! No pun intended!

On the plus side, have you been noticing how well Blanton has been pitching this spring? He looks good, like he’s got something to prove. All in all I feel pretty good about our starting pitching, assume Hamels comes back ok.

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