Giles Released; Mayberry and Carrasco Optioned

marcus giles.jpgThe Phillies made a few roster moves this morning:

Marcus Giles has been released.
John Mayberry Jr. and Carlos Carrasco have been optioned to Minor League camp.
Mike Koplove, Jason Ellison and Pablo Ozuna have been told they will not be making the 25-man roster, but will accompany the team to Philadelphia for the On Deck Series on Friday and Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays at Citizens Bank Park.

The moves leave Miguel Cairo as the only potential righthanded bat that could make the Phillies’ bench, unless the Phillies make a trade before Opening Night. They continue to look for that righthanded bat, by the way. It also leaves Bobby Mosebach and Gary Majewski as potential bullpen candidates, although their chances took a big hit Friday when the Phillies acquired left-hander Jack Taschner from the Giants.

“I don’t blame their decision,” Giles said. “I got every chance in the world. It’s not their fault. There’s nobody to blame but myself. I would have made the same decision they did to be honest with you. I’m not a guy to make excuses. I had my chance.”

Giles had signed a Minor League contract with the Phillies, so they could have re-assigned him to Minor League camp. But with a glut of infielders at Triple-A, the Phillies figured it made more sense to let him go.

“I’m not going to get the at-bats I need there,” Giles said. “So in a nutshell, I think they did me a favor by giving me my release instead of sending me to Triple-A to play once or twice a week. I just need some consistent AB’s. I think I can make it back to this level.”

So how’s the 25-man roster going to look? Remember the Phillies don’t need a fifth starter until April 20, so they could open with 11 pitchers. If they open with 11, I think J.A. Happ makes the rotation, Chan Ho Park makes the bullpen and Cairo is the extra man on the bench. That would buy them time to move Geoff Jenkins or Matt Stairs before they need that fifth starter, which would move them back to 12 pitchers. If they open with 12 pitchers, I still think it’s Happ in the rotation and Park in the bullpen.

And don’t rule out the Phillies making a move before Opening Night or the first couple weeks of the season.


The Braves have their rotation set for next week’s series against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park: Derek Lowe (14-11, 3.24 ERA in 2008) on Sunday, Jair Jurrjens (13-10, 3.68 ERA) on Tuesday and Javier Vazquez (12-16, 4.67 ERA) on Wednesday. 


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I wonder, was Giles a ‘roider? He’s gone from an all-star to camp fodder very quickly.

Love the continued suspense of who will be on the bench and who’s #5.

Not sure if he was a “roider”. I do know the Inky did a story on him several weeks ago about him coping with a couple of personal tragedies (he had a child die very shortly after she was born plus his best friend was killed by a drunk driver). He might have also fought some injuries.

Bruntlett and Cairo on the bench is a huge mistake. Seem both to be nice people, good teammates, but Bruntlett should be traded back to the Astros, who need all the infielders they can find. They need a big righthanded hitter off the bench (not Mayberry, who needs lots of work on making consistent contact) and the idea of relying on “fan-favorite” Chris Coste as a pinch hitter is ridiculous. They need to get rid of Stairs, go get Marcus Thames from Detroit in return for one of our many excess relievers (plus a sort of prospect like Slayden).

Fanflyers, it is obvious your brain has been over shilled at hockey games. With 2 statign infielders coming back after surgery, teh Phils need extra help in the INF. keeping both Brunlett and Cairo, who can each play 7 of the 8 posistions on the field, is a great move. If Utley or Feliz goes down, you aren’t left without a backup. As for a Right handed bat off the bench, we don’t need power, but OBP, our sluggers play every day.

Todd, I agree that Happ is the 5th starter. Are you saying that if we go with 11 pitchers to start the year Stairs makes the team? What happens if we start the season with 12 pitchers? Does he get released etc or is Cairo not a sure thing yet? ( I assume Jenkins makes the team unless traded)

I guess no big surprises there. I can understand the Phils wanting Mayberry to play everyday in triple-A, but it would have been nice to invite him to the On-Deck series. He helped us a lot this spring. I’d rather see him against TB, than Ellison.

Think they sent him down so he’d get used to the staff etc. Remember he was in different organization last year. (might have to move houses etc)

Having an argument on the site with Wally. He doesn’t think happ makes the team but stairs does. he has them going with 11 pitchers until Romero returns and a 6 man bench. Am I the only one who think he’s insane? I figue it has to be happ as starter and Stairs as waiver material

I agree Jeff, no way does Happ not make the team, they will release Stairs before that happens.

at last, someone who also understands the need for 12 pitchers, and 2 spare infielders. Great minds etc Jimmy

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