It's Myers or Blanton Opening Night

Cole Hamels will not pitch Opening Night, but Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said today that Brett Myers or Joe Blanton will.

The Phillies would not say anything more than that.

So the first four games of the season will look like this:

April 5 vs. Atlanta: Myers or Blanton
April 7 vs. Atlanta: Jamie Moyer
April 8 vs. Atlanta: Myers or Blanton
April 10 at Colorado: Hamels

Myers pitches tomorrow night against the Blue Jays at Bright House Field. A pitcher to be determined will pitch Wednesday against the Yankees in Tampa. Moyer and J.A. Happ are scheduled to pitch Thursday against the Washington Nationals, although Dubee would not say who would pitch against the Nationals and who would pitch in a Minor League game. Blanton is scheduled to pitch Friday night against the Tampa Bay Rays in an exhibition at Citizens Bank Park (unless the Phillies pick him to start Opening Night), and Hamels would pitch Saturday against the Rays.


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I like Joltin’ Joe Blanton and all, but c’mon, not starting on Opening Night. Let Myers start for the 3rd straight year as the Phils begin their playoff quest for the 3rd straight year.

Tradition is nice. And I guess it isn’t that huge a deal. But didn’t Brett lose all three of those Opening Day games? I vote for Joe.

Honestly with the way Blanton has pitched so far, I think he has earned the right to get the nod. I think he is a man on a mission this year and has something to prove.

Oh, how soon we all forget. Tied 6-6 going into the ninth, the Nats lit up Flush Gordon for five runs. In 2007, Madson gave up a huge home run to Edgar Renteria. In ’06, Donuts Lieber got the nod to start… and was rocked.
Myers has done all right – not great – the last two times.

Okay. Apologies to Brett! All I remember is sitting in the stands groaning over another Opening Day loss. LOL!

What about Moyer. In the last “real” game played at CBP, Moyer took a piece of that mound with him. I think it would be cool to put him on the hill for opening night/WFC Ring Night.

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