Myers to Start Opening Night

Charlie Manuel announced Brett Myers will pitch Opening Night on Sunday against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies rotation lineups up like this for the first six games of the season:

April 5 vs. Braves: Myers
April 7 vs. Braves: Jamie Moyer
April 8 vs. Braves: Joe Blanton
April 10 at Colorado: Cole Hamels
April 11 at Colorado: Myers
April 12 at Colorado: Chan Ho Park


The Phillies also said right-hander Kyle Drabek would start tomorrow afternoon against the Yankees in Tampa.


Myers seemed like the obvious choice since he’s next in the rotation. With that sorry to see Moyer not get the start for the ring ceremony game. That would’ve been very cool.

Good morning all. Picking up from the wild discussion that happened after I signed off, my Korean/ dogs comment was in response to the cats and dogs comment before me. Sorry if I offended and in some ways its nice having a group who are sensitive to the racial stuff (just don’t go Truth-ing us to death)

As for whether park or Happ deserved the 5th spot, I have always said that Park ahs outpitched happ this spring. I still think, however, that the team would have beed served better having Park in teh Pen, which he is familiar with, and Happ starting.

I admit and agree that my spelling is awful. Won’t it be nice if invested in a spell check for the blog pages (not to mention and editor for some of their staff)

Only question left until opening day is who the 25th man will be. So far it seems to be Cairo. BTW: Dyback’s start reminds me of Carpenter’s start last year against the yanks. Look where he ended up this spring. Hope there’s no jinx here.

Very curious to see who makes the roster now for bench and bullpen. Cairo, Majewski, Happ, Taschner?

I think Majewski is a wild card in all of this. If he can get back to what he was a few years back in Washington we could have a real find.


Please don’t confuse Drabek and Carpenter haha. Drabek was a former 1st rounder with a very high ceiling and was only kept back by injuries. Carpenter, while he was a 2nd rounder (technically 3rd with sandwich picks), was only really considered a strong prospect last year because of how well he pitched in Single A. This past season it seems like he has come down to earth and is pitching just average, so he doesn’t have much of a ceiling. Also, Drabek right now even coming off injuries is still projected as our 4th or 5th best prospect and Carpenter isn’t or wasn’t even in the Top 10.

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