Park Wins Fifth Job, Phils Contact Sheffield

Ruben Amaro Jr. announced that Chan Ho Park beat J.A. Happ for the fifth starter’s job. Happ’s fate with the team has not been decided, although Amaro said Happ, Gary Majewski, Jack Taschner and Bobby Mosebach are comepting for two bullpen jobs.

Amaro also said the Phillies have contacted the agent for Gary Sheffield, who the Tigers just released. Sheffield could be a bit now that the Phillies have released Geoff Jenkins.


Park said he will make his debut April 12 against the Rockies in Denver.

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One mystery solved: Who’s the 5th man? CH Park (congrats!)

Now onto the next mystery: Who’s benching it?

One positive of course about Sheffield is that the Tigers will pay a majority of his $$$. He might have enough ego to come to Philly since we’re major contenders in the NL. I just would hate if he messed with the ebb & flow of the clubhouse.

Congradualtions to Park!! I disagree with teh decision, but understand it. he was the better pitcher in ST. As for the 2 pitchers in the Bullpen, I have to go with Majewski and Taschner. Send happ to AAA to keep him loose for when he has to replace an injured pitcher or come up when park is sent back to the Penn after he proves he can’t pitch more then 150 innings a year any more

Too much for one post. Doesn’t this really jeopardize Taschner? I’d be surprised if they go with three lefties, but who knows? Taschner was weaker against lefties anyway…

Zo, you’ve been running with this Sheffield story. ..

I think this was the right and fair thing to do. Plus it may help us in recruiting in the Korean market in the future. I say send Happ down to AAA and keep him ready. You know injuries will happen. He’ll be ready.

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bet we sell more cats and shirts in Korea then any other team

Hey f-i-j, I know dogs are popular in Korea, but cats?

Congrats to CHP, and no to Sheffield.

Phan, I hereby apoint you editor in charge. you can catch all my typos. That was supposed to be hats, of course…. (I think they eat the dogs)


Not an expert on Koreans since I myself am white, but way to showcase your ignorance about the nation by bringing up the eating dogs comment. I hope said Koreans aren’t turned off by fans like you. Then again, should have gathered that from the poor spelling in previous posts and not giving baseball statistics or anything else to backup your opinions. Go Phillies, down with ignorant fans who give us a bad name.

I was wondering about the *cats*, too. LOL!

Congrats to Park! I’m still undecided if I want Haap sent to AAA, or put him in the ‘pen

Hey lboard8, lighten up. It’s a joke. Enough with being the PC police. We have a nice group of knowledgeable fans including f-i-j, with OPINIONS. Give yours, if you like, but you don’t have to be insulting.

Please Ruben, no Sheffield! This is a case of being enamored by the shine of the car and not looking at the engine. He’s like the T.O. of baseball. Bad mojo.


Joke or not, it’s a stone’s throw away from being a rather racist comment. As I recall, Park did right by the team and worked at the 5th spot. Ridicule the WBC if you want, but the kid took it seriously enough and removed himself from his national team’s roster specifically to prep for the club. What with all the steroids and money-chasing that MLB gets a bad rap for, it’s kind of encouraging to see a guy like Park be a true gamer and earn that spot. So no, my comment to f-i-j is to grow up, not for others to lighten up.

As for my two cents on Happ, probably keeping warm in Lehigh Valley. No harm in making him work for it either.

I thought the TO of baseball is Milton Bradley.
He’s a lifetime .275 hitter against current Mets lineup.
Uncle Charlie will kick his *** if he gets out of line.

That all said, I see and understand the arguments against.

Uh, oh. Another *Truth* on the board?!

Uh, oh. Another *Truth* on the board?!

Uh, oh. Another *Truth* on the board?!

Wow! How did that triple post happen? Sorry!

Who, me Norma?

I knew Park would get it, I really dont think the Phils wanted 3 lefties starting. Park did earn it though, he has pitched great. Im just not sure he can hold up for the whole year, we shall see. Jenkins was a bit of a surprise. I say Cairo makes the team, unless Sheffield comes aboard, which I think wouldn’t be a good decision.

Taschner pitched the seventh tonight. He gave up a looping single, but did well otherwise against Vernon Wells, Overbay, Travis Snider, and our old buddy Rod Barajas.

Good luck with Park. He isn’t that good.

metsgo must be thinking of Levan Hernandez.

Pretty good start by Myers, but I wonder why he only went four innings? He’s starting a real game on Sunday.

And Ibanez must be leading spring training in doubles.

lboard8: Many of us here know FIJ from when the Zo Zone was at I think his comment is a kin to President Obama’s remark about Special Olympics (full disclosure: I’m a special needs parent of a child w/autism) Maybe not the best choice of words but I think no malice was intended.

philswest1: I think Norma might have been referring to lboard8. “Truth” is a unique individual to spar with and anyone would have big shoes to fill in that respect.

I remember “Truth.” I posted under a different name back at the Inqy.

Myers will start Opening Night, according to Franzke.

karen, you shouldn’t have to explain f-i-j to anybody. lboard8 was out of line. There are plenty of boards filled with ignorant fans who give the phans a bad name. This, blessedly, isn’t one of them.

Not you philswest1!

Coors Field in early April? This time the Phils will have to help uncover the grounds keepers from the snow. The people who write the program that determines the MLB schedule are definitely Mets fans!

That is how it should be for now. The market is now ready and open for Koreans as well. I held my breath before announcements because I am used to last minute surprises but I was not shaken by the announcement that Chan Ho Park is the fifth starters Coach. – Jordan

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