Phillies Release Jenkins

Just got word that the Phillies have released outfielder Geoff Jenkins.

Does this mean Gary Sheffield is on his way?

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said he would talk later.


Reporters just met with Jenkins. Here is some of what he said:

“Anytime you get released it’s obviously a surprise,” he said. “I think it’s just something that we talked about. I don’t know if I foreshadowed this scenario happening, but I knew there were left-handed hitters. So it seemed like somebody would be the odd man out at some point. It’s real tough. I care a lot about those guys in the clubhouse. You just deal with this like anything else and try to find a new spot. It’s obviously something I’ve never had to deal with before, playing my whole career. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t regreat anything for one minute that I was here. I told Charlie that, and Ruben. They were great with me.

“What’s there to be mad about? I picked a great year to be here. I wish it worked out better and I could be with them, but I don’t regret one minute. I wouldn’t change a thing being with these guys going through what we went through last year.”


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So this has to be a done deal right? Why else would they do this?

I hope that’s not what it means. Sheffield would never be happy with the number of a-bats and, at this stage, he’s a DH at best. Pass.

Good luck, Geoff. We’ll never forget the double and fist-pump orgy that followed.

I;m surprized at this move for a few reaons: 1) Phils are ready to eat jenkins’ salary in a year they have increased payroll and are eating eaton’s salary as well (where is Truth when you ned to rub it in)
2) this means that the phils bench has no pure OF on the bench who can play the field (Stairs is a PH only)
3) Thought they would have gone with 11 pitchers until they could move Jenkins or stairs and only if no luck after first 2 weeks cut one. This means that (unless Sheff really is on his way) Happ and park have made the team and so has one of the other RP still around

Do we really want Sheff? Who’s place on the bench does he take? What does he give us besides a RH version of Stairs?

Did the Phillies outright release Jenkins and eat his salary, or has he been placed on waivers so another team could pick him up?

Surprising that the Phils couldn’t dump Jenkins in a deal where they got little back in return and ate a large portion of his salary (this was a team that a few weeks ago wouldn’t pay a million to Ohman).

Will Ohman wanted $2 million.

I understand the move, Jenkins is better suited for another team. He’s just another lefty in this lineup and we don’t need that. Sure, you do not want to eat his salary, but they need to do what is best for the team.

Bruntlett can do fine as the 4th outfielder, whether it be in left or gith. Let’s face it, if Victorino or Werth go down, the team would be in trouble anyway.

Also, this could open the door for Mayberry to join the team later if need be.

Classy comment from a classy player. We’ll always remember that lead off double in Game 5, fist pump and his top of steps cheerleading.

Sheffield??????? no again. There’s no player in baseball today that I hate more than Sheffield. Let him go play catch with Bonds. Sheffield should had been suspended from baseball years ago when he admitted that he intentionally made errors at 3B so he get traded from the Padres or Brewers. I can’t remember which team. IMO what he did was worse than what Pete Rose did. At least Pete betted on his own team.

I agree Karen. Geoff was a class act. It’s too bad he couldn’t reach his potential last year and circumstnces dictated that he move on. That said, if he had hit .400 this spring, I’m sure he’d still be on the team. I agree that it’s strange they couldn’t even get a minor leaguer out of a trade.

I think the Phillies must have very actively been trying to move him to the point that everybody probably knew he would eventually be released. Why give anything up for something you can have for nothing.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to bring up Donald or Mayberry because this doesn’t change Manuel’s argument against it (not enough at bats). Jenkins was only going to get about 200-300 at bats, and probably on the lower side of that scale. I haven’t seen any signs that Amaro and the braintrust disagree with Manuel on his assessment.

This means that the Phils are looking for more room on the 25-man roster. So, unless they decide to carry 13 pitchers, this is to clear room for a position player. Especially with Romero set to come back, bringing in another pitcher doesn’t make sense (unless they intend to demote Tauschner). I think they will bring in a utility player via trade or waivers imminently. If they really wanted Sheffield, it would have made more sense to waive Stairs. Bruntlett as their only defensive plug in the outfield is troubling.

OMG – I think I am gonna cry :O( Praying this does not men Sheffield is on the way! UGH!


how are people against getting GARY SHEFFIELD! This isn’t like getting some guy off the scrap heap. Him off the bench at CBP! The mets will **** themselves!

Sheffield is about the worse guy you could have in the clubhouse. In the NL he can only be a PH. He’ll never be happen with that role. He’s a cancer.

Jenkins is a serviceable outfielder, while Stairs isn’t anymore. 8MM plus a 1.5MM option next year vs. 1MM for Stairs. Economics don’t make any sense, since the Phillies wind up paying him even if he gets picked up by another team. Can’t wait to see the other shoe drop, there has to be more of a back story to this. Ruben must have pulled a gun on Giles, Monty and the Buck Bros. to get them to agree to eat more salary. Thanks Geoff for that hit in game 5, you earned your ring.

They won’t bring anyone I don’t think. The roster is pretty set:
Ruiz, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Feliz, Ibanez, Victorino, Werth, Coste, Dobbs, Brunlett, Stairs, Cairo. SPs: Cole, Myers, Moyer, Blanton, Happ/Park RP: happ/Park, Lidge, Madson, Condrey, Eyre, Durbin and Taschner.

Jimmy, I also think something is going on. I was sure they were going to dump Stairs for all the reason you mentioned. If they pick up Sheff we have two PH’s who can’t play the field (one righty and one lefty) and who do you cut to make room? cairo? Brunlett? Dobbs? Coste? this move is very strange

stoptakingoutpat must be a TO fan.

Best of luck, Geoff. Thanks for the double in WS game 5! Hope you can make it to the Ring Ceremony.

The release of Geoff Jenkins is a great shocker to Geoff himself and even though he is covering up in the excerpt, he is actually loosing ground. It is also true that many left handed outfielders are in the Phillies team and just like he said an odd one out was found. – Jordan

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