Mosebach Back to the Angels

Right-hander Bobby Mosebach, who the Phillies selected in the Rule 5 Draft, has cleared waivers and been offered back to the Los Angeles Angels.

The Angels are taking him back.

The Phillies tried to work out a trade with the Angels to keep Mosebach, but the Angels were not interested. Mosebach went 0-0 with a 9.39 ERA in 7 2/3 innings in the Grapefruit League, but the Phillies liked his arm.


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Down to Majewski, Happ andTaschner for two spots? Happ didn’t do very well today but that can probably be attributed to his disappointment. Majewski had a nice spring.

When the competition started for the fifth starter gig, I thought Happ would get it no matter what Chan Ho did. Thank God the character of this team extends into the organization. I thought that if Park won the Phils would use Happ in the bullpen until J.C. returned, I hope I was wrong for Happs’ sake.

Mosebach Back to the Angels

Geez Todd, what took so long? The guy was awful. You had me worried he might make the team. After dumpster divging after Taschner and the ridiculous choice of CHP over Happ, it wouldn’t have surprised me. Do the Phillie brass not understand that Park’s value to this team is in the pen? Or did Park just throw them all a curveball, by pitching so well in ST and leave them with no choice but to honor their Promise to let him compete?
I only want what’s best for the team and I will wish CHP well, but my dollar to your dime says Park’s in the pen(where he belongs) by June. Spring Training numbers are as meaningless as the games themselves.

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