Sheffield Update

gary sheffield 1.jpgTigers manager Jim Leyland told reporters yesterday that three teams have expressed interest in Gary Sheffield.

We know the Phillies are one of them, and the fact Ruben Amaro Jr. has acknowledged that interest publicly tells me the Phillies very much want to sign him once he clears waivers at 1 p.m. today. If they were just kicking the tires, Amaro might not be so upfront about it (although he really hasn’t said much other than he has talked to Sheffield, Sheffield’s agent Rufus Williams and that they are interested).

But we also know today that the Reds are talking to Sheffield.

There probably are more than three teams that have interest in Sheffield, but we know two of them are National League teams and we know ESPN’s Buster Olney reported yesterday there don’t seem to be many fits in the American League, where Sheffield would be an ideal fit.

The Phillies’ chances to get Sheffield? Not knowing who the other teams are or what the other teams are promising in terms of playing time, I’d still say it’s less likely than likely, but I wouldn’t say it’s a tremendous long shot, either.

Update: Sheffield told Dusty Baker that he wants playing time. The Phillies can’t give that to him, but it sounds like the Reds can’t, either. So it remains unlikely Sheffield is a fit, but if nobody can offer Sheffield playing time then he might have to reconsider.

Oh, the suspense is just killing me.


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I read somewhere that Sheff should replace Stairs. This is an interesting idea. The bench would be Dobbs (l) Coste (r) Brunlett (r) Cairo (R) and Sheffield (R). An almost all righthanded bench. Since teams will be pitching a leftie against us, if they can (our overwhelming lefty lineup) the righthanded Sheff would either have an advantage, or cause a pitching change. Both of which are not bad things.

the personal issues, however, and the fact that Stairs is a proven pinch hitter while Sheff isn’t are still concerns. I’d fel better about this move, however, then having him replace Cairo.

Mlb Network is reporting that there are NO AL teams intersted in Sheffield, and they all seem to think he will choose the phillies over the two other nl teams, not sure who the third is, i just know the reds, and phils intrest. I agree with the other comment about stairs, stairs hasnt really done much for us, and he is not a great outfielder. He did have that monstrous HR in the NLDCS, but other then thatwhat was he hitting? I think Sheffield has some problems but i still think he would be a great Platoon against Lefties, and probably better defense then stairs could provide. I think he would be a better rightie off the bench, but i also think we should keep cairo. Whats your opinion?

#1 Phils Phan- Go Red!!!

Bill Madden od NY Daily News is prediciting the phils go 101-61 and win the division. That took balls to do in NY!! Go Phillies!!

After eating that pile of cash that they are paying Eaton and Jenkins, I doubt that the Phillies would bring in a player to platoon with their 10 million-dollars-a-year LFer. If Shef came here it would have to be understood that he was a bench player and PHer. I don’t think he will settle for that. The Reds may be able to better accommodate his stated wish to play more.

I guess if the Rays hadn’t signed Burrell, he would be in Tampa already, ready to sign.

Read that Brunlett has been catching in the bullpen to be an emergency catcher. That would make him able to play EVERY position but PITCHER! (which he said he doesn’t want to do)

I still think that Miguel Cairo is a long shot here. Like Todd said in his article, the chances of Gary Sheffield signing somewhere where he is going to get significant playing time are slim to none. Even the Reds would rather see one of their top prospects (Dickerson) play over him. In my opinion, if your only chances of signing with someone are as a bench player, then why not sign with the World Champs? It’s a no-brainer.
Miguel Cairo, on the other hand, is still as expendable as when they invited him to camp. He and Pablo Ozuna both had good showings in Spring Training, but the season after Opening Day is a hell of a lot different. It counts, and Matt Stairs is not going anywhere.
Phils’ bench will be: Matt Stairs (COF/1B, L) Greg Dobbs (IF, some OF, L) Chris Coste (C, R) Eric Bruntlett (Freakin’ Everywhere! haha, R) and yes, Gary Sheffield (COF, 1B, R)

Just not sure this is a great fit. How long til he throws a fit? .225 last season? I just can’t see him being happy as a pinch hitter.


I am a very loyal Phillies fan in ways you are not even remotely aware of…. through thick or thin for over 40 years… but I am appalled that Reuben Amaro Jr would even consider Sheffield . It was an insult to the fans that have loved this bunch of winning ballplayers. I’d rather contend with integrity than stoop to acquire a self absorbed creep and malcontent as Gary Sheffield. What kind of hypocrites does Amaro think Phillie fans are? Bonds was killed in this town for being a lying jerk, and then you have the nerve to inquire about a known lying steroid user as Sheffield . It disappoints me greatly and lowers my opinion of Amaro several notches.

Sheffield should choose the Phillies. There are two reasons for this: (1) Charlie always plays the hothand, which means he’ll play as long as he’s hitting better than one of the regular outfielders and(2) if the Phils don’t need him, he can get traded to a team that will play him on a regular basis. I think this deal would be a win-win situation for both parties. I, for one, would love to see what Sheff could do at the Bank. And if he causes trouble, boot him out. It’s only $400,000 – a drop in the bucket compared to Adam Eaton.

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