Happ, Taschner Make Bullpen

The Phillies have announced that left-handers J.A. Happ and Jack Taschner have made the bullpen.

The 25th man has not been announced. It appears Miguel Cairo would be that guy, but perhaps the Phillies have something cooking. A team source said earlier today they would move on and look elsewhere for help once they got word Gary Sheffield was going to New York.

There had been some thought the Phillies might keep Happ in his starter’s role in Triple-A Lehigh Valley, but I think they feel he pitched well enough last season and this spring to earn a big-league job. They also said earlier this week they feel he can keep his arm stretched out enough that he could start at a moment’s notice.

Taschner was a lock all along. He was a lock because they acquired him recently in a trade with the Giants and because he will be paid $830,000 (i.e. they didn’t acquire him to have him pitch in the Minor Leagues … not at that salary).


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Glad I get things right, once in a while. LOL!

A little off-topic…..In SI this week, they had their annual breakdown of all ML teams, and where they would wind up at the end of the season. They not only had the Mets winning the NL East. They had them winning the WS!!!! My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard!!!

Thank goodness they didn’t get Schef. Not a good fit at all.

Zo – any idea if Wily Mo is in the mix? I think that would be a better fit.

A Rubber Door

I don’t like the Taschner thing at all. Majewski earned the job. If they are keeping Happ for the bullpen they don’t need Taschner. I don’t think he’ll make it into May.

Hey speenerd,
Todd said in an earlier article (can’t remember which one off the top of my head…) that the Phillies had no interest in Willy Mo Pena. I think he would be an okay fit also, but there are still better options, in my opinion. I like a guy like Mark Grudzielanek, if he comes at the right price that is. He hit .299 with the Royals last year. Anyone who hits over .200 with the Royals is good. (Haha, just kidding.) =D

Why is TRashner on this team??? Why? He cant throw strikes, he can’t retire LH hitters and if Ruben was so determined to have 2 lefty’s in the pen, he now has Happ. Meanwhile Gary Majewski is finally healthy again, had an outstanding ST and can actually pitch in the M.L. He earned the job. All TRashner will do is hurt the team. I have that same awful, sick to my stomach feeling about TRashners as I did about Eaton last year at this time.
Amaro’s decision making is starting to scare me. It’s becoming wade-Like. It makes ZERO sense to let TRashner anywhere near a pitching mound.

Guess Todd must have missed his flight home.

Would the Phillies consider a retired player, Jeff Conine , for possible duty as a bench/ outfield/ 1st base/ righthanded batter help. Although approaching 42 years old, he had been productive for the Phillies and Marlins in years past. Could there be anything to lose by contacting him for interest. If interested and still able he would be an inexpensive addition. By robert.

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