All Is Well

040509.jpgSomebody said the first sign things might go poorly for the Phillies last night came when one of the U.S. Army’s parachuters missed his target — landing outside Citizens Bank Park.

Yeah, maybe that was an omen.

I just know I’m glad Opening Night is behind us. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the excitement leading up to it, but I always get tired of the lack of perspective immediately after it. That’s why I thought Jimmy Rollins gave a good answer when he was asked about Opening Night after the 4-1 loss to the Braves.

“Oh my goodness,” he said. “I am heartbroken that we lost a game.”

Asked about maybe splitting up the left-handers in the middle of his lineup after seeing Mike Gonzalez strike out Ryan Howard and Raul Ibanez to end the game, Charlie Manuel responded, “We played one game, man. Break ’em up? What would you suggest?”

Of course, I absolutely understand the frustration. Opening Night is waaaaaaay more special than say, a May 21 game against the Reds in Cincinnati. And the three homers Brett Myers gave up in the first two innings were a major buzz kill for fans, who were looking forward to continuing the fun and magic from October.

But don’t let last night ruin your Monday … unless, of course, you just hate Mondays because they’re Mondays.

So take a deep breath.


The Phillies haven’t won on Opening Day since 2005, and I think most fans would agree the last two seasons have gone particularly well. So while every game is important and while games in April counts just the same as games in September, when it comes to Opening Night it is just one game.


The Phillies’ Opening Night payroll is an estimated $132.3 million.


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Well as we’re all say 1 down 161 to go! I didn’t think Myers pitched that badly (I know he gave up the long ball). The offense was definitely out to lunch?!? Lowe’s pitches were nasty. Maybe some of the pomp and circumstance was a bit distracting.

Norma: Congrats to you and your son on being part of the red carpet. I hope you’ll still talk to us “little people” know that you’ve hi-fived our Phils (LOL!!!)

Todd, doesn’t it seem like the fans are still in playoff mode? Every pitch of Game 1 of a 162 game season is not do or die. The Phils are 9-26 since 1975 in openers. It’s in the franchise’s blood.

The Shibe Times.

What woul I suggest? Hmm, how about batting Victorino 2nd, Werth 5th, and Ibanez 6th?

I’m admittingly not a huge Phillies fan, but I do watch a lot of Myers for fantasy purposes. I agree that he didn’t pitch that badly, the problem is really his first-half last year causes everyone to be on high alert for signs of danger. The fact that he settled down and didn’t completely implode after the rough start is really encouraging.
– Toby

Just working the kinks out, maybe?? I’m sure the bats will pick up soon. As bad as Myers appeared, the offense has to get going.
I guess those Spring Training at-bats Cholly was talking about really DO matter.
Hopefully it doesn’t snow tomorrow, I want my “Champs” T-shirt!

OK. Another Opening Day loss for our boys. BUT…..

My son and I were *randomly* picked to be one of the fans to go onto the field as the team came out!!!! We’re somewhere in that picture above! LOL! I got to high-five every single player!!!! Plus we got a batting practice jersey and cap. I love free stuff! LOL! Very awesome experience!!!

As for the game…..Myers. Well what can you say? Brett being Brett. Gotta give props to Lowe’s pitching. I guess a lot of sliders or change-ups, cause our boys kept hitting ground ball after ground ball. We went a little nuts in the 9th when it looked like we were going to rally. But, alas, it was not to be. And let’s face it. It’s become a tradition to lose on Opening Day. And who doesn’t love tradition?!

Hey Todd…nice chatting with you yesterday :O) I agree; a disapointing loss, but it’s only one game. So I am working on my photos from yesterday and will post them later today. Hope you have a great day off!


lowe was unhittable…tough to win if ya don’t score…one run at ‘the bank’ just won’t do it…myers dug a hole,but settled down too…relievers were great ….get’em tomorrow.

Lowe would have looked pretty good in red pinstripes.

Last night was one of those games where you don’t blame anyone, but praise the opposing pitcher for doing a Cy Young imprersanation. Lowe was simply on and in a groove and was unhittable.

Glad to see Werth get off the mark. Hope to see the rest do so tomorrow. Let’s all pray for the Mutts to loose, just because we HATE!!!! them

Norma, Enjoy being on the field? Don’t they all greet you by name already?

True, it’s just “a” loss, but we bloggers need something to rant about, right?😉
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Jeff….”Don’t they all greet you by name already?” LOL! They DID all have big smiles running past me. Could it be they recognized me? 🙂

Karen…Thanks for the congrats. I’ll be selling autographs to the highest bidder. 😉

Jeff…..”Don’t they all greet you by name already?” LOL! Well, they DID all have big smiles on their faces, running past. Maybe they recognized me. 🙂

Karen…..Thanks for the congrats! No problem talking to you “little people”, but I am selling autographs to the highest bidder. 😉

Jeff…..”Don’t they all greet you by name already?” LOL! Well, they DID all have big smiles on their faces, running past. Maybe they recognized me. 🙂

Karen…..Thanks for the congrats! No problem talking to you “little people”, but I am selling autographs to the highest bidder. 😉

Mets win, with a 8-9 inning cleanup by Putz and KRod. The pundits were right. Season’s over.

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