Rollins Has Retired From the Prediction Business

rollins is retired.JPGWe were talking to Jimmy Rollins on Wednesday about meeting President Barack Obama next week at the White House. Somebody asked him where that would rank compared to the celebration following Game 5 of the World Series, the parade down Broad Street and getting the World Series championship rings.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t predict the future.”

Wait a second, yes he can. He predicted the Phillies would be the team to beat in 2007, and they were. He predicted 100 wins in 2008, and they won 103. So I reminded him that he is a prognosticator, and has predicted the future in the recent past.

That is when Rollins asked for the notebook in my hands and wrote down the following words:

“I am retired!!”

He actually had mentioned that during the first few days in Spring Training, but I guess I forgot. So just a reminder to everybody: Rollins is out of the prediction business. This is disappointing to me. It’s probably disappointing to the Mets, too. I mean, where are they going to get their offseason and Spring Training material from?


The Free JC t-shirts sold at The 700 Level are a popular item in the Phillies clubhouse. Rollins, Clay Condrey and Scott Eyre were wearing them before today’s game against the Rockies.


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As a Mets fan, it’s kinda good to see J-Ro keeping his predictions to himself. Only bad things happen to us when he starts looking into the future. I suppose he’s not got anything to prove anymore, so probably best that he’s quiet. If he did make a prediction for 09 it would have to be “Win 90 games and miss the playoffs,” and nobody wants to hear that – apart from people in New York. And we’d take that in a heartbeat.Ash

Hey Ash, I heard that he predicted the Mets bullpen would give up the winning run in the ninth last night. What are the odds?

Jimmy will always prognosticate. He just won’t tell us, that’s all!!!!

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