Welcome to Denver

coorsfield.jpgWe’re at Coors Field, where it’s chilly. How chilly? Well, I suppose I could check out weather.com and give you a more accurate report, but just trust me when I say it’s pretty chilly outside.


Phillies lineup: Jimmy Rollins, SS; Shane Victorino, CF; Chase Utley, 2B; Ryan Howard, 1B; Jayson Werth, RF; Raul Ibanez, LF; Pedro Feliz, 3B; Carlos Ruiz, C; Cole Hamels, P.


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1 Comment

Let’s keep the hit parade going.
Hopefully that chilly won’t take the bite out of our bats. Does anyone still hold a grudge against Colorado?
I, actually, would like to thank them for sweeping us in ’07. It gave the guys the experience, maturity, composure, whatever you want to call it to come back and take the World F’n Championship last year.
That, plus we swept the season series last year!

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