Phillies' Statement on Kalas

The Phillies have released a statement on Harry Kalas‘ death:

Hall of Fame Phillies Broadcaster Harry Kalas died today at the age of 73. Mr. Kalas was found unconscious in the Phillies broadcast booth where he was preparing for today’s Washington Nationals home opener. He was taken to George Washington University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at approximately 1:20 p.m. Cause of death is unknown.   

“There are no words to express the sadness that the entire Phillies organization is feeling with the news about Harry’s passing,” said Phillies President and CEO, David Montgomery.  “Harry was the voice of the Phillies, but he was also our heart and soul.  He loved our game and called it like none other.  The entire baseball world has suffered a great loss today.”

Funeral arrangements are pending.


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Silent broadcast in memory of Harry today. Everyone should mute the sound if the Phillies don’t have teh good sense to do it themselves

I am extremely upset over this. I feel like someone from my immediate family has gone. God bless you Harry.

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