Tragic News: Harry Kalas Dies

kalas.jpgThe Phillies lost their voice today, when Harry Kalas died at 1:20 p.m.

He had been rushed to George Washington Univeristy Medical Center after he had collapsed in the press box less than an hour earlier. Kalas had missed the beginning of Spring Training after recovering from an undisclosed medical procedure.

The Phillies will play the Nationals this afternoon at Nationals Park.

They will not visit the White House tomorrow.

Kalas was 73.

He had been a broadcaster for 43 years, the past 38 with the Phillies beginning in 1971. He was inducted into the Nationall Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002 as the annual Ford C. Frick Award winner.

Tragic day.


Here is a short blurb I wrote about Harry on his 73rd birthday March 26.


Here is a story I wrote about Kalas in February, while he was recovering from that medial procedure.


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The city will never be the same. Rest in Peace “H”.

After 38 years of listening to Harry call a game, I can’t imagine what it will be like without him. Just thinking of all his calls over the years brings a smile on an otherwise sad day. His call ending game 5 will live for generations. Thanks Harry for all the memories.

You will be missed and always remembered each at each and every game. We have lost a treasure.

Thanks for all the memories Harry. I miss Whitey terribly and now you as well. Listening to Phils games just will not ever be the same again. From “swing and a long drive, there it is, number 500 for Michael Jack Schmidt” to “Let the City celebrate” you are the heart and soul of this team, this city. Now we will celebrate you and your life Harry.

This is the official end of my childhood. I remember as a kid watching and listening to teh games on channel 29, or 17 (corret me if I’m wrong here) and having Harry and Whitey bring the game into my life. I learned so much from them, and not only about baseball. The only condolence I get here, is that he got to watch and call the WS last year and the winning pitch.

Today’s game will be in his memory and I hope that they win big!! no other tribute would be nearly as appropriate.

Rest in Peace Harry. if there is baseball in Heaven you can be sure harry is calling the game

With him and Whitey gone – baseball won’t seem the same. Glad he got to see one more championship and glad he got a chance to throw out the first pitch last week on ring day.


Our organization will never be the same. His heart and voice touched every Phillies player, personnel, and all fans. I just talked to him a couple of weeks ago at the Organization Dinner and he seemed fine. I don’t know if I can even watch or listen to anymore games this year. RIP Mr. Kalas

Today’s game will be on mute for me. Just awful. We are all thinking of you too, Phillies family.

What a great tribute to the man Philswest. that would be teh greatest thing the Phillies could do, not have anyone broadcast the game today. Pictures only

I can’t imagine how the broadcast team is going to get through the game today. I’m watching Scott Franske, live on Comcast, and he’s tearing and chocking up.

wishes I could be watching as well. What a loss. I’m still in shock

This just goes to show why Todd is the best blogger for the Phillies. Neither Dave nor Andy have updated their blogs (both from yesterday) to bring this awful news to the masses (though has posted an obit)

Todd, I know it is hard for you as you knew him personally, but can you get us a general feel of the team now? Are they intending on going out today and doing something special in Harry’s memory? Are their line-ups?

My sister & I were just consoling ourselves and we said the same thing. I can’t imagine how they’ll all manage. How appropriate (for lack of better word) that our elderstatesmen is on the mound for today’s game.

I’m so glad we got to hear him one last time when he called the Phillies World Champions of Baseball. Makes that call extra sweet.

Just heard the news. Our deepest heartfelt condolences to the Kalas ‘ohana and the whole Phils organization. There is an empty hole left today that only approaches being filled by the memories of listening to his vivid work over the past 38 years and knowing that he lived the dream come true right along with those of us who “believed” they could. I’ll never get tired of your winning World Series call and watching Wheels jumping around in the background. You will be sorely missed, Mr. Kalas!

I grew up hearing Harry’s voice every night during every summer, and I am incredibly grateful for that. The events of the last year in Phillies baseball somehow seem even more perfect now. Rest in peace, and our prayers and thoughts to the whole Kalas family and Phillies organization. I can’t even imagine what baseball will be like without him.

This has been my ringtone for a few months now, so I figured I’d share. It’s free, but you do have to register to have it sent to your phone. It used to just be a way to make me smile, but now it serves as a tribute to the greatest voice in professional sports ever.

Goodbye Harry and thank you for all the wonderful calls. I’m so glad the Phillies could give you another WS before you had to leave us. I am crying as I type this. I can’t imagine what the teams and the broadcast guys are going through.

One thing I forgot…….When the Phils won the WS in ’80, local broadcasters weren’t allowed to broadcast the game. Harry finally got to call his WS game last year. I’m thinking I may watch my DVD of game 5 tonight.

Now I’m so glad that I turned down the TV and listened to the radio during the championship and WS runs. Priceless.

His home run calls are legendary, but I am so glad for Harry and the Phans that he was able to make that great call to end the World Series, since local radio and TV was banned in 1980.

His career ended in a beautifully wrapped package of our baseball memories.

all of us lost a friend today…from the shut-ins who depended on harry night after night to the sro crowd at ‘the bank’, our voice was silenced.

harry’s love for baseball began in washington,dc ,when his favorite player,mickey vernon, befriended him during a rain delay,inviting a young harry into the dugout to meet his teammates…tragically,but poetically, harry’s voice was silenced in the same city, in the announcing booth…prepping for the thing he loved most…after his family,his phillies,and his fans.

godspeed harry…whitey has a cigar and a cold one waiting for you.

It’s like losing your grandfather. I’m 25 years old, and Harry was Phillies baseball. I grew up imitating Michael Jack’s 500th HR in my backyard at 4 years old for hours upon hours everyday in the summers. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about turning on the TV or Radio and not hearing that barritone voice. All of the tributes were so touching yesterday, but none moreso than LA and Scott Franske. They were tremendous. The Victorino home run call was perfect…”and yes folks, it’s outta here”, the way Franske inroduced the game and closed the game was a true tribute to a man that everyone loved. It’s just so upsetting. I just hope they do some things at the ballpark to cement him even further in Phillies’ lure…some suggestions…after every Phillies Home Run they could play “Outta Here” over the PA system…just real quick, but a classy fitting tribute. A lit up “Outta Here” sign either linked with the Liberty Bell or near Harry the K’s that blinks with every home run like the Liberty Bell does, his name has to go up there on the wall with the retired numbers doesn’t it???…on the telecast they should rename the broadcast booth for Harry and Whitey and mention it every game “live from Citizens Bank Park in the Harry and Whitey broadcast booth”, and I think they need to have an HK call of the game or something of that matter. I can just hear the fictitious crack of the bat from Comcast followed by an “Outta Here” Just some ideas to make sure that this man who left his mark on us forever, is honored in the right way, for our kids to hear and our kids’ kids, and so on. In final tribute…today I’m going out for a loooooooonnnnng drive, watch this baby, OUTTTTTTTTTTA HEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRE!
Thanks for the memories Harry…you will be sorely missed and remembered forever.

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