Harry Kalas Tributes

The Phillies have just announced the following information regarding Harry Kalas:

Memorial Tribute/Funeral Services
The Kalas family and the Phillies have announced that a memorial tribute for Harry Kalas will be held at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday, April 18.

An opportunity to pay respects to the Hall of Fame broadcaster will be given on a first come, first served basis to as many fans as possible from 8:00 a.m. until 12:45 p.m.  At that time, all fans in attendance will be directed to seats for an on-field tribute that will begin at 1:00 p.m.

Additional information will be made public as details are finalized.

Funeral services and burial will be private and held early next week.

Uniform Patches
Beginning tomorrow, players will wear HK uniform patches for the rest of the season.  The black circular HK patch will be located on the front of the jersey in the area of the heart. 

Friday Night
The Phillies return home on Friday night to play San Diego at 7:05.  The Phillies will also pay tribute to Harry prior to the game.  Fans are urged to arrive early.   More details will be forthcoming.


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The Phillies organization does a lot of things right. Their handling of the death of Harry Kalas is no exception. Harry Kalas has been calling Phillies games since I was born. For nearly forty years this city has had greatness behind the microphone. He was a hero to many, and a legend to all. This news is shocking and saddening. But where better fitting for harry to die than in a broadcast booth, where he spent so much of his joyous life, preparing to broadcast the game he loved and helped transcend. Thanks to you and everyone covering the situation for doing Harry justice and reverence. He’ll be sorely missed. –Shay Roddy

I remember one night in St Louis a few years ago…we were in town with some good friends and missed the day game on Saturday…anyhow, we were in Tony’s restaurant and I recognized Harry and Whitey Ashburn…I called out to Harry to ask him what the score was…said “How’d we do today?” Without hesitation, as if he’d known me for years, he replied we beat ’em 2 to 0 while giving me the “thumbs up” sign! This is pretty much the way I have always observed Harry…always one with the fans!Rest in peace, Harry! you are loved, Brother!

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