Friday Plans for HK

0414kalas.jpgThe Phillies have announced plans for Friday’s tribute to Harry Kalas, who died Monday at 73.

Fans are urged to arrive early for Friday’s game, when the Phillies play the San Diego Padres at 7:05 p.m. at Citizens Bank Park.

It will be the first home game since the Hall of Fame broadcaster death four days earlier.

The Phillies will honor their legendary voice prior to the game with several tributes:



  • The television booth in which Harry broadcast since Citizens Bank Park opened in 2004 will be named the Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth, “That ball’s outta here!” A plaque will be hung to officially name the booth.  The neighboring radio booth is named the Richie (“Whitey”) Ashburn Broadcast Booth, “This game’s easy, Harry.” 
  • The ceremonial first ball will be thrown by Harry’s three sons, Todd, Brad and Kane. 
  • Prior to the National Anthem, to be sung by Harry’s son Kane, there will be a moment of silence.
  • All fans will receive an 8″x10″ color photograph of Harry.
  • Harry’s signature will be displayed on the field during the seven-game homestand beginning on Friday.
  • Also for the seven-game homestand, a black drape will appear in front of the Phillies radio and TV booths and the Phillies flag in Ashburn Alley will be hung at half-mast.
  • A video of Harry’s career will be aired on PhanaVision.
  • During the seventh-inning stretch, a video of Harry singing “High Hopes” will be shown on PhanaVision. Fans will be encouraged to join in.

Other acknowledgements include:

  • During the first half-inning of the game televised by Comcast Network Philadelphia (formerly CN8), there will be no announcer commentary.
  • Throughout the remainder of the season, a billboard honoring Harry will be displayed on the outfield wall.
  • As previously announced, an HK patch will be worn on Phillies uniforms this season.  
  • Throughout the 2009 season, following every Phillies home run, Harry’s legendary “Outta Here!” home run call will be played over the PA system as the Liberty Bell lights up.


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Those all sound like excellent ways to tribute Harry. Phillies and their fans are a class-act. We love and miss you Harry!

I have to say the Phillies have been doing it right so far in honoring Harry. I am impressed. I hope the “Outta here” call stays as a permenent fixture and not just for this year. But eventually I’d also like to see a statue for Harry. I mean, Michael Jack will need some company.🙂

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I wish I could be there for the game on Friday.

I would like to echo the other statements, the Phillies are first class when it comes to this type of thing. Harry may be gone but he will never ever ever be forgotten.

RIP Harry

Any chance of “High Hopes” becoming a permanent addition to the games at CBP? Or is that just for Friday night?

I just bought a ticket to Friday night’s game, took a few tries but found a field level ticket available. It’s more than I usually spend on 2 tix, but it’s worth it to be able to pay my respects to Harry, especially since I won’t be able to make it Saturday.

Todd, any word on if the HK patches will be made available to the public? I’d love to have one on my jersey.

The Phillies are showing what a class act organization they are. Very appropriate and I’m sure will be much appreciated by everyone.

Hope that they continue the “High Hopes” during the 7th inning and also “Outta Here” for each Phillies HR beyond 2009.

Also love the silent telecast for the first 1/2 inning of Friday’s game.

OK. I was doing really well today, but I just teared up again.

The Phillies continue to be a class act!

I won’t be at the Fri. game, but I will be there on Tues. So at least I’ll be able to see Harry’s signature, the black drape, and the flag at half-staff. I’ll be taking lots of pictures.

Any chance Comcast Sportsnet will re-broadcast the tribute? I only have FIOS – so I get Sportsnet, but not CN8…. Really want to see it.

I was just going to ask the same thing! CN8 is about the only sports channel my cable co. doesn’t offer!

On case people didn’t know……

Since the Flyers made the play-offs, Comcast had to move Friday’s AND Tuesday’s Phillies games from SportsNet to their CN8 channel.

If it’s on CN8, there must be a Flyers playoff game on Comcast. Anybody wanna bet which game gets higher ratings?

Thanks for letting me know about the channel change. Its been a bit confusing remembering which station is carrying the game btwn WPHL, CSN, and CN8.

Outstanding Tributes planned. I totally agree, “Outta Here” should be a mainstay forever after every Phillies Home Run at the Bank. A Statue would certainly be nice, I’m sure it’s coming in due time. The whole CN8 thing is BS, I couldn’t agree more, the Phils will definitely get higher ratings. One other thought I heard passed around…wouldn’t it be cool if the Phillies wore white spikes at home in honor of Harry the K? Just a thought, but it would be a nice touch. Once again, it’s just so sad, almost impossible to believe, it hasn’t sunk in, and I’m not sure when it ever will. Harry, we love you and will miss you. Hope the 2009 Phillies can live up to your “High Hopes”.

Yeah. It is a play-0ff game. Stupid flyers!

Todd just posted that tonight’s Phillies game is postponed due to rain.

All of these special touches speak to the class act that Harry was — not only the voice, but the heart and soul of the organization that is the Phillies — the voice that revisits the simpler time and place of many of our childhoods where baseball was truly always on — in the car, on the B & W TV, at the shore, next to the bed late at night.

Sadly, I cannot physically be there this weekend but believe me, my spirit is with all who mourn the passing of our beloved Harry the K. I will try to tune in to whatever I can this weekend over the computer to catch the tributes and events of the day from afar off.

“Outta here” but NEVER far gone from our hearts!

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