Saturday's Kalas Tribute

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The Phillies and Harry Kalas‘ family have announced plans for Saturday’s Kalas tribute at Citizens Bank Park:

Beginning at 8:00 a.m., on a first come, first served basis, fans will have the opportunity to pay their respects on the field as they pass by Kalas’ casket, which will be located behind home plate. To accommodate as many fans as possible, the starting time of the memorial tribute program has been moved back to 1:30 p.m.

Fans will pass by the casket until approximately 12:45 p.m. at which time all persons in attendance will be directed to seats. Beginning at approximately 1:00 p.m., current and former players — some of whom are travelling great distances to be here to pay their final respects — broadcasters, front office employees, and friends and family members will pay their final respects before the on-field tribute begins at 1:30 p.m.

Fans will be directed to enter Citizens Bank Park through the Third Base Gate at Pattison Avenue and Citizens Bank Way and will be asked to leave the ballpark through the First Base Gate. Although fans are not being asked to bring flowers or other mementos, if they choose to do so such items should be left in the area of the Mike Schmidt statue prior to entry at the Third Base Gate.

Parking will be free. Fans are encouraged to park in the lots on the west side of the ballpark, located on the site of the former Veterans Stadium. Limited concession stands will be open.

All fans in attendance will receive a commemorative program, an 8″x10″ photograph of Harry and a poem written by him in 2002 as a fan tribute.


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Any word on Comcast televising services or showing on tape delay? I’ll miss due to prior committment as I’m sure others will, would be nice to see it.

Sounds like a classy tribute to a classy guy. I’ll be there bright and earlier.

wishes I could be there to pay tribute to the voice of the Phillies. What I would love to see as a tribute to Harry is the Phillies’ starting pitching begin to throw like they are capable of doing and not like a bunch of little leaguers. Hamels with a ERA of 17? Myers with an era of nearly 5 leading the group?? Come on, we need better then this.

On a different note, the hitting is looking much better then the first week of the season. Love Happy Pete’s turn around from last year and Utley and Howard’s hot starts. Now if only Rollins and Vic would get on track,,,,,

My son and I are going. Unfortunately, due to my son’s work schedule, we won’t get down there til around 10:30. Sure hope we can get in. If not, we’ll still be around Harry fans.

Todd…..Any idea if they’ll have a video screen outside the park, like they did for the WS celebration?

Went down today, and put some mementos at the Schmidt statue. It’s really piling up.

as far as the seating goes are they using all the seats in the stadium or limiting it to a certain area?

haven’t been able to find a sold answer on this one

I wish I knew what the seating was going to be like, too. I assume they’ll use all the seating. First come first serve. A friend of mine heard there was going to be seating on the field. But I assume that’s for family.

IF I even get in, I’ll probably up in the 400 level. LOL!

I can’t imagine the logistics of this. Getting everybody out and the place cleaned up, before the game that evening. Guess it’s no worse than a double-header.

Didn’t know if folks saw that CSN will be televising Harry’s tribute starting at 12pm. Also WPHL and I think CBS3 are also covering the event starting at 1pm.

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