Schmidt: Kalas Big As Franklin, Penn

Mike Schmidt tried to put into words the impact Harry Kalas had on Philadelphia during his 39 years with the Phillies.

“Harry Kalas – he’s household,” Schmidt said “He’s a household name. He’s a guy they depended on for 40 years. I’m just a guy that played for 17 of them, just like all the other Phillies. We come and go. The guys there are here now they’re going to be gone. We’re all going to move on. Harry was just always here. He was always here for you.

“If you can look past Ben Franklin and William Penn, he may have been the greatest person to grace Philadelphia in the history of the city, when you think about it. As many lives as he affected over the time that he lived in Philadelphia, who would have had a bigger impact on the city? Who would have? If anybody can think of somebody I’m willing to hear it, but I don’t know.”


The Phillies just played a video recording of Kalas singing “High Hopes” during the seventh-inning stretch. Everybody sang along. A very cool moment, and it’s the kind of thing that could become a tradition in time if the Phillies choose to go that route.


I hope what happened in the eighth doesn’t become a tradition.

You will NOT believe what happened to me at the game last night…I got hit in the head twice! And that’s not all…read this:
The tribute was beautiful, but the game was brutal. High Hopes was the highlight of the night.


The pitching has been HORRIBLE!!!!! They better turn it around…fast!!

Just got back from Harry’s Memorial Tribute.

The Phillies and the Kalas family did an unbelievable job in making this special for the fans. Lots of funny and touching stories. Lots of laughs. And lots of tears.

And we all got to sing “High Hopes” with Harry at the end!

I just can’t wrap around my head, that the Phils have to play a game tonight. Let’s hope they win it for Harry!

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