The Beat Goes On

utley01.jpgChase Utley
singled in the first inning last night in an 11-4 victory over the Brewers at Citizens Bank Park.

He went 1 for 2 with three walks. He is hitting .372 with four homers and 12 RBIs this season.

But just as noteworthy, Utley has reached base safely in 32 consecutive regular-season games, dating to Sept. 7 last season. Utley is hitting .325 (38 for 117) with seven doubles, six home runs, 25 RBIs, four hit by pitches, 17 walks and 32 runs scored during that stretch. He also has a .424 on-base percentage and a .538 slugging percentage.

I would have asked Utley after the game for his thoughts about the streak, but if you know Utley then you probably know he would have stared at me like I have eight heads. He hates talking about that stuff. (I’m not sure he would admit it, but I think he is one of the more superstitious players on the team — believing in the baseball gods and such.) And really, what is he going to say?

Really? Thirty-two straight games getting on base?!?! Wow!

Some things are better left unasked and unanswered … unless it keeps going and going and going.


I got plenty of e-mails earlier this year about the three-year, $31.5 million contract Raul Ibanez signed because after he signed other free agent corner outfielders signed for less:

  • Pat Burrell signed with the Rays for two years and $16 million.
  • Milton Bradley joined the Cubs for two years and $20 million.
  • Adam Dunn signed with the Nationals for two years and $20 million.

Had the Phillies overpaid?

“If we had waited, we would have lost him to a deal that was much higher than what we paid,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said Tuesday. “I had strong indications that there were a lot of teams that were very interested in him.”

The Cubs and Mets were teams that expressed interest in Ibanez.

“Anytime you get more than two teams interested in a player, it has a tendency to escalate,” Amaro said.


Monday’s rainout against San Diego will be played at 7:05 p.m. July 23.

Last week’s rainout in Washington will be played at 1:05 p.m. May 16, meaning there is a day-night doubleheader that day at Nationals Park. I’m sure Washington’s 10th man will be out in full force!


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I totally agree with Amaro about the Ibanez contract. There were other teams sniffing around the consensus better player. The other guys got no interest from anybody until Ibanez was off the market, especially Burrell and Dunn. Three years might be a bit much for a 37 year old guy, but it is what it is. That’s what it was going to take to get the better player.

As far as Chase is concerned, well…”Chase Utley, you are the man!!”

I hate to think what we’d be doing now without Ibanez in the line up. He’s come out of the gate hotter then h-ll and seems to be just the type of player we love in Phila.

As for Chase, he’s the man!! He’ll talk about his streak when it puts us in first place–the only important stat there is.

Can anyone please help our pitching staff get their act together? I’m getting fed up with our starters having a higher ERA then pitchers in little league

FIJ, I think Moyer did that last night. Unlike the other starters, after he gave up the home run, he settled in and got guys out. I agree with you. If the Phils didn’t have excellent hitting (4th in the league), great defense, and very good relief pitching, they’d be in last place and serious trouble.

My new favorite cheer “RAUL!!!” I think the fans (myself included) have so far really embraced Ibanez. As for Chase, he’s just being Chase!

I thought despite giving up the long ball to Braun, Moyer had a pretty decent outing. I’m hoping Blanton, Park and especially Hamels can also show improvement in their next outings.

Moyer had a decent outing last night, true, but I am still waiting for one of our starters to actually be on the mound for teh 7th inning stretch….not to mention going a whole game without giving up a HR

Agree FIJ about our pitchers giving up the long ball. I think last night was 24 or 25 time! I think Moyer would’ve gone 7 except he was close to 100 pitches.

How about Pedro (aka Pete Happy)? Nice start also.

Feliz, Utley, Ibanez, Howard, are having great starts. Werth is getting it together as is Coste it seems. Rollins and Victorino are missing in action

Jimmy’s first couple of at-bats were weak, but then he stroked it pretty good after that. Hopefully that, and his pinch hit homer on Sunday, are signs that he’s out of his funk.

I thought Shane had a good night last night. Hopefully that means he’s got his groove back. Also how about Ibanez stealing a base?!

I still thnk that the WBC is the root cause of Rollins and Victorinos slow start. The Phillies should ban their players from participating in this joke

Todd, it’s awfully nice of you to not jinx Chase in order to give your hometown Brewers much needed help to win a game this series!! Also, what planet is Braun from anyway?!!!

33 games now for Chase!

What is with our pitchers giving up long balls???? Geeez!

So, for the first time all season they give up less than four runs, and they lose. I guess I jinxed them by pointing it out yesterday.
I missed the entire game because I had to go to my daughter’s high school recital. She was great but the majority of the program was tedious. I tried to check for a score at one point on my blackberry and got a decidedly nasty stare from my wife. I should know better after all this time.

It’s unfair to characterize Bradley’s deal as a 2 year/$20M deal, without noting that his $12M 2011 option vests with only 75 games played this year.
That’s the key comparison with Ibanez, in my opinion.

Despite the loss last night. I thought it was decent game (although Blanton giving up another long ball must stop!). A couple of hits were decent long drives, but unfortunately were caught in the outfield.

Phan52: your story reminds me of part of Gov. Rendall’s tribute to Harry the K when he said folks would step out of weddings to catch the score on the radio.

Everyone needs to vote for Utley for the All-Star game! Stop by and see my pet chinchilla at the keyboard; I taught him how to vote in my absence ;O)


Not just Chase! Certainly Howard (esp to honor him for his achievements at end of year last year and also for better offense and improved defense at the start of this year) and maybe Ibanez. But we should be voting for all 8 Phillies starters!

phan52……Not a horrible game last night, but a little *tedious*. Your daughter’s recital might have been less tedious. LOL!

I can’t believe the All Star voting has started already. A little earlier than usual, isn’t it?

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