Line Drive Hits Hamels' Shoulder, Leaves Game

Cole Hamels left today’s game in the top of the fourth inning after a line drive struck him in his left shoulder.

The Phillies said Hamels has a contusion.

That’s another word for bruise.

Is it serious? Will he miss his next start? Hopefully we’ll have some answers after the game.

Hamels had just allowed a two-run homer to Ryan Braun before Prince Fielder hit him on the shoulder. But before that homer to Braun, Hamels had retired nine of the first 11 batters he faced.

Updated: Hamels said he expects to make his next start Tuesday against Washington.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “I’ll be fine. I’ve gotten hit in much worse spots, spots where you don’t really come back as fast. I’ll be able to go out there and pitch in five days. Hopefully it’ll finally be five days instead of the six or seven because of these rainouts.”


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he was having a decent game, too. 6 strike outs in 3 innings is pretty dominating. Once again the long ball is killing us

Haven’t checked any stats, but it seems ALL the opposing teams are hitting more long balls than us. In our home park!

dare I it?? We’re being no-hit through 7 innings. I am almost at the point of rooting for Bush to throw the first NH of the season…..

Ut oh, please don’t get No-Hit!
Somebody’s got to get a squeaker, at least, right?


Leave it to Stairs to break up the ho hitter in his own classic way….

Philly fans gave Bush a round of applause as he left the game (He’s a local boy. Conestoga HS grad) See we can be a classy bunch.

Hope he apreciated it so much he’ll never pitch against us again…he beat us in teh playoffs and nearly ho hit us today.

has anyone seen happy pete play SS before??

It’s time for Ryan Braun to get the Barry Bonds treatment from our pitchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The legend of Matt Stairs continues! Too bad it wasn’t enough to win it in the end. Vote Matt Stairs into the 2009 All-Star Game!


Great idea! I just put a bunch of write-in votes for Stairs! And don’t forget…….Charlie will be managing the NL team, so he can make some picks, too.

The last sentence Cole says tells me a lot. He really, really, really likes a predictable schedule and does not like surprises. Can’t say I blame him.

Todd……I think you jinxed Chase’s on-base streak, by mentioning it yesterday!

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