Outta Here, Outta Here, Outta Here …

If it seems like the Phillies have been giving up a lot of home runs, they have.

Elias Sports Bureau reports the Phillies set a Major League record by allowing at least one home run in each of their first 14 games. The 2001 Milwaukee Brewers held the previous record by allowing at least one home run in their first 13 games.

Ten of 12 Phillies pitchers have allowed a home run this season.

Not to jinx them, but Ryan Madson and Scott Eyre are the only two who haven’t allowed a long ball.

The Phillies have allowed 31 homers this season to lead the majors. The Orioles and Rangers are second in baseball with 27. The closest NL team? The Rockies, who have allowed 22.



I think Jason Stark mentioned this the other day on his useless info piece. Not so useless if you are Phillies pitchers…

On a side note, why does MLB-FOX-ESPN insist on focusing so much time and energy on Red Sox-Yankee games? And MLB-FOX-ESPN wonder why ratings are so low when neither one of these teams makes it far into the post season. Please Note: if these are the only teams you talk about and hype, fair wheather fans are not going to tune in when these guys aren’t playing. Pathetic!

We have to take these Fish seriously. The last time they won the world series, we were like 5-13 against them that season. We actually made it possible for them to win the wild card and get into the playoffs; the rest is miserable history!We can play them like the Nats have so far(0-6) or the way the Pirates did (3-0). I hope their looking at how the Pirates pitchers handled the Fish batters, because that was textbook!

Outa here, indeed…There goes # 32. Three run first inning shot. Playing from behind once again. Tiresome.

Once again, this team has decided to take the month of April off. After the inevitable sweep by the Marlins this weekend, we will be good and buried at 7.5 out. This is the worst title defense since Buster Douglas.

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