Lidge Out, Day-to-Day

Phillies closer Brad Lidge could not pitch the ninth inning tonight in a 13-11 victory over the Nationals because of inflammation in his right knee.

Lidge had surgery performed on the knee twice before the 2008 season, which makes this something definitely worth watching. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said Lidge had a MRI recently and there is no structural damage.

Manuel said Lidge is day-to-day.

“Based on the MRI, I’m not overly concerned,” Lidge said. “It didn’t show any tears. I’m concerned on a small level because it’s not feeling great.”


Raul Ibanez can hit, huh? It was just the fourth time in Phillies history they had two grand slams in the same game. The others: Sept. 9, 2003, when Tomas Perez and Jason Michaels went deep in Atlanta; Aug. 18, 1997, against the Giants, Billy McMillon and Mike Lieberthal each hit a slam for the Phils; and April 28, 1921, against Boston, Ralph Miller and Lee Meadows hit grand slams in the same game.


J.C. Romero talks about his lawsuit.


Carlos Ruiz suffered a setback in Triple-A Lehigh Valley.


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Four words…………WOW! WHAT A GAME!!!!

Question for Charlie……”If you knew Lidge’s knee was bothering him in Florida, why did you let him pitch????”

I’m so happy that Howard and Ibanez hit slams tonight, but these double digit wins are killers. Blanton needs a good outing next time. He should pitch Saturday. This weekend will set the tone for the rest of the year. I just hope the bats, including JRoll’s, stay active.

First of all PHAN=you are correct, Lefty did hit 250 after Kaat. SOmetimes I’m mathamatically challanged (and I can’t spell either)
LAst night’s game was great. Not only did Dobbs get a needed start, but Happy Pete got 2 hits for my fanatasy team as well. Love it.

2 slams in one game. three in a week. Way to go guys. Great win, but we return to the ongoing question of Where is the Pitching??? You don’t get to the post season giving up 11 runs a night and having your starters leave the game in teh 5th inning every night. SOmething has to give and quick!!
(perhaps pull blanton, park or (dare I say it) COle for a start in favor of Happ. SHake things up a bit ala sitting Rollins

To be honest, when Ibanez signed last year, I didn’t know much about him, coming from the AL West.
I planned on reserving my opinion until he could prove himself to me. Now I am convinced: the guy is a gamer.
Not to speak ill about Burrell, but you couldn’t have too much confidence in him in a clutch situation.
Too many awkward swings at low-and-away balls. Ibanez is showing that he can be THAT GUY.
All we need now is for him to continue to be consistent.

RAUL!!! Wow, whata game. Glad our Fightin’s came out with a “W”. However our pitching continues to be suspect. I was hoping that Moyer broke the spell of not giving up the long ball on Sunday, but alas Blanton restarted the trend. Blanton better get his act together. His starts have been very s0-so thus far. Hope Cole has recovered from his run in with the baseball.

That was qutie a game to say the least. Their were bombs hit left and right, and not to forget 2 of those bombs were grand slamss, WOW. But I agree with everyoen else that, the Phils ptiching has to get better. Its nice to see the Phils win this kind of gmes, but you don’t want to make them a trend either. I ttink every Phillies fan wants to see them win games like they did on Sunday. Wire to wire and stress free.

I would be a little more concerned about Lidge if Madson hadn’t been so dominant in the ninth last night. Sill concerned nonetheless, because of the resulting lack of depth. At this rate, the starters are going to put quite a strain on the bullpen.

The Nats manager outsmarted himself by taking Dunn out for a defensive replacement but, in his defense, he DID have a four run lead in the 8th inning. No lead is safe against all these crooked numbers the Phillies are putting up lately.

BTW, Taschner is just not going to work out. Cut our losses and bring up Majewski. JMO.

I agree with everybody that the starting pitching HAS to get better, and they’re taxing the ‘pen. But…..I’ll take a win anyway I can get it! And though I’d love to relax for nine innings, there’s nothing more exciting than a come from behind win.

BTW….I’m still pretty ticked at Charlie. Seems they knew about Lidge’s knee issue, even before his last game. If you recall, he came close to blowing that game. Got several players on base. And threw 30+ pitches. Sure couldn’t have done his knee any good. That being said……I have confidence in Madson. He’s been a great set-up guy. He just needs to pretend it’s the 8th, and not the 9th.

The Phillies pitching is better than they have shown thus far, and they will show it. As long as they come around before the offense cools off, then I am not going to get overly concerned. In fact, I thought Myers, Park and Blanton were all looking better of late until Blanton’s blow up last night. I know their lines haven’t been stellar, but they have looked better. They do need to start keeping the ball in the park, though. That part is beginning to get very unnerving. And in fairness to Cole, he was having a pretty solid outing on Thursday until that liner knocked him out of the game. I hope to see him pitch even better tonight.

FYI: Freddy Garcia went 0-2 with an 8.18 ERA in the Minors for teh Mutts so they cut him today. Now if only “E” would revert to pitching like he did(n’t) here

since I’m a bit bored at work, I’ve been surfing. Did you know that Lefty Carlton had 2 saves during his HoF carreer? Can you tell me the year(s) and for which team(s) they happened?

FIJ: Will there be a prize given?

Karen, the prize is the chance to write on Todd’s FB page lol

Too bad Freddy G couldn’t have made the Mutts team. Be a hoot to have him as part of the pitching staff.

Heard that “E” was quoted as tauting that he has a World Series on his “resume” in regards to his performance so far. Man’s got an ego!

yeah, E has a ring and can put on his resume that he was a member of the WS team. Too bad he can’t also say that he won a game after the all star break that year.

We’re playing the O’s here in June, but I doubt AE will still be a regular starter for them by then. He deserves another earful from the phans. I’m not a boo0-er; by that I mean that I will not boo our own players, but I will always let the opposition have it, especially certain players like JD Drew. AE fits snugly into that category and I am still angry that he had the nerve to show up for the ring ceremony. He was basically thumbing his nose at the team. He should have just had it Fedex’d because he knew what would happen. Just another chance for the national media to go with the lazy journalism about batteries and Santa Claus.

Is there any chance that whatever evil pitching spirit that took over AE stayed in Philly when he got booted out? Or was it a throw-a-homer-pitch virus? Whatever it is, we need an Exorcist or CDC Doctor to get us back on the right track!!! Even a mediocre pitching performance would be acceptible nowadays. Thank God the offense is on fire. We could easily be 5-13 now, if not for some science-fiction-level comebacks. KEEP WINNING PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! I didn’t get a prize for getting the Lefty answer right! LOL!

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