Romero Files A Lawsuit

lawsuit.jpgJ.C. Romero
said Friday he had put things into perspective regarding his 50-game suspension for violating baseball’s policy against performance enhancing drugs. He had been angry about it during Spring Training, but said he changed his mood following Nick Adenhart‘s death.

But that does not mean Romero does not feel wronged.

Romero has filed suit against the manufacturer whose supplement caused him to test positive for androstenedione last summer. Romero purchased 6-OXO Extreme at a Vitamin Shoppe in Cherry Hill and at a GNC at home in Alabama, but it contained an unlisted ingredient that caused him the positive test.

He filed suit today in Camden County, N.J. seeking punitive and compensatory damages.

“Testing positive and being suspended from baseball was one of the most painful experiences in my life, and robbed me the joy of winning the World Series and damaged my reputation in the process,” Romero said in a statement. “I purchased an over-the-counter supplement that I was told and believed would not cause me to test positive. These events have hurt me deeply and placed a cloud over my career, accomplishments and family. It is my hope that I can finally start to put this event behind me and protect the interests of others who rely on manufacturers and retailers to be honest about their products. I look forward to rejoining the Phillies and my teammates at the end of my suspension.”

Romero also named corporate owners of the two nutritional stores where he purchased 6-OXO Extreme as defendants, alleging sales clerks assured him it would not cause a positive test for a banned substance.


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Go Romero go!!! I hope you take them for everything they have, and then donate it to drug awareness programs.

The fact that JC is suing a Sales Clerk at GNC (who probably had a training session of 5-10 minutes) for giving his false information is ridiculous. They are not to blame. He should set his sights on getting change within the union for telling him the substance was alright.

He’s a good pitcher regardless of using these products, he just needs to use his head.

I hope he nails these people to the wall too. It is a disgrace what has happened here. Too bad he can’t sue a few other people, who shall remain nameless, for also leading him to believe this substance was approved. Guessing that would create other issues though. How exactly does he get the same suspension as someone would who actually DID dope? Please reminded me again…still a bit confused on that one… ugh!


he’s not suing the sales clerk, but the company that gave the clerk the 5 minute course!! While I also don’t think the sales clerk, or the company, for that matter, can be responsible for what’s in products they sell, the manufacturer definately is and if an ingredient was not listed then he has a very good case. the most important thing is that he comes back raring to pitch and prove that last year was no fluke. I anticipate a huge year from him (he’ll have 112 games to play)

One thing to remember about lawsuits, is that you name everyone who you think you MAY have a case against and let the court decide who is actually worthy or not. Same with your claims. Make the claims YOU think have merit and then the court will decide whether they do or not. We get told this all the time in my Paralegal classes.

Also, if he is in fact suing the clerk (which I don’t think he is) he is doing so under the legal theory of Respondeat superior. For more on what this is, go to:

But basically it means that the actions of a employee make the company liable.

Something else to keep in mind, is that he probably CAN’T sue the league or the union under the collective bargaining agreement. All player are bound by the agreement which allows for internal hearings to mediate disputes. He probably waived his right to sue under it. So while he could try, it would probably get thrown out of court.

From my extensive reading about what led up to the suspension was that JC did everything right. He talked to the trainer who advised him to call the league and/or the union. I never understood that if this product was so important to his training, why not do all you can to investigate what’s in it by getting an independent local lab’s opinion. (if possible) My other question is why does he need it in the first place, and why not talk to other players who might be using a different product in their training. Having said all of this, someone has to be held accountable and I support the lawsuit.

Good for him!

And I have a feeling, if the lawsuit holds up in court, that might not be the end of it. Other suspended players may follow suit. As long as it’s a case similar to J.C’s, of course. Then maybe the league/union/Selig will rethink and rewrite policies. But who the heck knows how long that will take????

Changing the subject – why did Charlie take Condrey out of the game when he was pitching so well? Was it SO important that a lefty pitcher come in? Maybe I’m too old school. Anyway, normally I think Charlie reads these things pretty well. But I didn’t agree with that one.

Well I guess it doesn’t matter! Go Phillies!!

Four words…………WOW! WHAT A GAME!!!!

I have a different take on this. I think Romero just got caught and his trying to lay blame on someone else. Maybe I am wrong, but it’s just my opinion.Russ

Free JC!! =)

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