Hamels, Lidge and Ruiz Updates

Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge are scheduled to throw in the bullpen Friday.

If it goes well for Hamels, he could start Monday in St. Louis.

If it goes well for Lidge, he could pitch that night against the Mets.

But that remains to be seen. Hamels is recovering from a Grade 1 ankle sprain, which he suffered Tuesday. Lidge hasn’t pitched since Saturday because of inflammation in his right knee.

Rich Dubee said if Hamels can’t pitch Friday they could push him back a day and still have him start Tuesday. The Phillies don’t need a fifth starter until then because of a day off tomorrow.


Carlos Ruiz is scheduled to begin a rehab assignment tomorrow night with Triple-A Lehigh Valley.


I’m a little more worried about Lidge than the other guys. This is something he’s had before and he needed surgery.

Tonight’s game was so boring, the Wave went around 10 times. A new CBP record!

I was with a large group from work last year and a friend kept trying to jump start a wave. I told him that I will never go to a sporting event with him ever again.

Thought the wave went the way of the macarena (LOL!) Guess not. Last night’s game was a bit lack luster. Coste came oh so close to blowing the game wide open early when the Phils had the bases loaded….but I guess 2 grand slams in one week might be all we’re allotted.

I was at a game two weeks ago and the fans did the waive thing. I went to a lot of games last year but don’t remember the waive. What is it all about?

Some of my earliest memories of Phillies games are of being at The Vet, usually during fireworks nights, and doing the wave. It was one of the few things a small child could understand and participate in.
Sadly, the wave went out the window when Citizen’s Ballpark was built. That’s one advantage a concrete doughnut has over a retro-jewelbox park.
At least we still have the Phanatic. He did his whole One-handed pushup routine and challenging the Natinals to do it on Tuesday. 30 years later, and The Phananatic can still put on a show!

What does the wave signify?

Todd, has anyone said if Lidge’s injury was caused by the adjustments he made after he blew his first save as a Phil? I remember reading that he found a flaw in his delivery and had made an adjustment. Soon after, he had the problem with the knee.

I’ve done the Wave tons of times at CBP. But it’s only done, now, when the game is going nowhere. I agree with sully. At the Vet, it was pretty much done at every game.

phan52….I bet you’re like my son, and refuse to participate. LOL!

It’s still fun!

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