Meet the Mets

reyes.jpgPhillies fans hate the Mets and Mets fans hate the Phillies, which means this weekend is a big weekend at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies meet the Mets for the first time in 2009.

What happened since the last time they met Sept. 5-7, 2008?

Let’s see:

– The Mets blew a 3 1/2 game lead with 17 games to play, a year after they became the first team in baseball history to blow a seven game lead with 17 games to play.

– The Phillies won the World Series.

Other than that, not much. But this weekend should be fun. I’m not going to say these two teams hate each other, but there is a healthy rivalry between the two. The Phillies don’t like some of the Mets’ antics during games (i.e. showboating, which mostly seems to involve Jose Reyes.) A day after Shane Victorino hit a grand slam off CC Sabathia in Game 2 of the NLDS, somebody from the Phillies took the photo of Victorino rounding the bases in USA Today (Victorino had his finger pointed in the air) and wrote “Reyes” over Victorino’s name on his jersey and replaced Victorino’s No. 8 with Reyes’ No. 7.

Baseball is funny like that. Guys can pimp home runs, but not too much. Guys can celebrate, but not too much. I asked somebody last year what the difference is between Reyes’ elaborate handshakes with teammates after he homers and J.C. Romero pounding his chest after he strikes out a batter to end an inning? He said the difference is that Romero’s actions aren’t premeditated, while the the other stuff (I recall Fernando Tatis doing a quick slide step across home plate after he homered last year at Shea) is.

Hey, if those things get under the Phillies’ skin and boost the rivalry, I’m sure fans are all about it.

Play ball.


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That’s what I love about our Fightin Phils……no one is really that obnoxious. They play hard, get along well and have each others backs. Muck the Fets!!!!!

Meet the Mets! Greet the Mets! Step right up and BEAT the Mets!

Give ’em a yell! Dont be bland!
And let ’em know you’re booin” in the stands!
Come on and…

Meet the Mets! Greet the Mets!
Step right up and BEAT the Mets!……

I see you after the Mets sweep. LETS GO METS. I will be blogging about the series all weekend on my blog:

The Mets might have swept us 3 weeks ago. But the way the Phils are hitting in the last three innings of games that they’re trailing in, combined with a 1-6 record for the Mets’ bullpen, makes it hard to believe the Mets will be the team that does the sweeping. Plus, they were recently swept by the Cards in St. Louis. In the grand scheme of things, the winner of this series isn’t important. Two years ago, ther Phils owned the Mets during the regular season and the Mets collapsed in September. Last year, the Mets owned the Phils during the regular season and they still collapsed. For the Mets, April was just practice for September. GO PHILS!!!

Pleeeeeease send Park back to the ‘pen and let Haap start!

I agree norma. I said all along that Park should be in the Pen and used as the spot starter when someone couldn’t go on their day. Happ is the future and is the better pitcher. Park can’t pitch more then 40 pitches (couldn’t in Spring training either btw) and now can’t even pitch 4 pitches without giving up a tons of runs. We need Happ to start

Park really wasn’t good. But good for us. We won. LETS GO METS! Also I think I will live blog game 2 so check it out and you will be able to leave comments on it.

I never really got why Charlie picked Park as his 5th starter. Weren’t Haap’s numbers better in Spring Training? Chuck might be kicking himself now.

Park’s numbers were slightly better at the end of Spring Training, and thus, he was awarded the 5th Starter’s spot over Happ… barely. Poor performance after poor performance should land him in the bullpen soon. Especially when Park is giving up 7 runs in 4 innings and Happ is throwing scoreless innings behind him. It’s only natural, aha. I’m looking forward to tonight’s match-up though:
Ollie Perez vs. The Ageless One. Oh, it’s on. Aha =)

Ollie only gave up 1 earned run to the Phillies last year so hopefully e will be good. At least hopefully for me.

Sorry metsgo, but you are going to find that Oliver Perez was about as bad an investment as Adam Eaton was for the Phillies. He stinks.

The only thing better than a walk-off hit to win a game, is a walk-off “walk”! LOL!

Very classy of Fox to show the HK commercial.

Mets vs. Phillies games always have a flair for the dramatic. Loved the walk-off walk win! Victorino did a great job as the lead off batter. Interesting line-up today (didn’t quite understand why Utley wasn’t playing especially since he’s one of the hottest hitters) and R-A-UUUUL!! continues to be such a thrill to watch play.

Well, there’s two schools of thought on why Chase didn’t play. Todd wrote that Chase didn’t play after getting HBP on his foot last night. (I thought that must’ve hurt!) But the Fox guys said that Charlie kept him out because of Perez, the lefty pitcher. I think they should have taken a chance. Bruntlett went hitless.

I loved today’s line-up. Not sure what the make-up should look like with Chase back, but definitely keep J.Roll further down, til he starts hitting a little better.

Good to see Ruiz back! That was a surprise!

A win is a win.

But is there any other “elite” player in baseball that comes close to Howard in looking completely over-matched when facing a decent pitcher (see last 2 ninth inning ABs). It’s stunning how bad the guy can look on a regular basis.

Now please hit me with the “Fastest to 150 HR numbers,” etc…

Maybe having to look at Werth’s back, rather than Chase’s threw him off. LOL!

It’s also stunning how good he can look on a regular basis. =D

No game today. I would have liked to see the Phillies get a shot at Maine.

Hey Zo, a sure way to drive down readership of your blog is to have the same post up here for three days.

Too bad they called off the game. It really ahsn’t been raining all that badly here. Of course, I wouldn’t want to have to play in it. Or sit in the stands! 3rd rain-out, right?

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