Hamels Gives It A Go

hamels vs. wash.jpgCole Hamels
, presumably wrapped in bubble wrap, pitches tonight against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park.

You’ve got to think the worst is behind him, right?

Inflammation in the left elbow. Line drive off the left shoulder. Sprained left ankle. That pretty much covers every “left” body part that is important to a pitcher.

If the Phillies could get Hamels going on a consistent basis, it just might settle the rotation. I’m not saying if Hamels pitches well, the others suddenly start throwing strikes and pitching deep into games. But it could help, right?



Old news today, but I got asked a couple times yesterday why the Phillies didn’t have Pedro Feliz bunt with Raul Ibanez on second base and nobody out in the seventh inning of a scoreless game Wednesday against the Mets. I didn’t have a great answer, so I asked. Here is the explanation that I got: the Phillies wanted Feliz swinging in that situation because with a good base runner on second they liked their chances to get him home. In fact, they considered him their best chance with the bottom of the order coming up. Charlie Manuel also hadn’t decided if he wanted to pinch-hit for Chan Ho Park, who had thrown six scoreless innings. If Feliz had singled to score Ibanez, Manuel might have wanted to send out Park to start the seventh inning.


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Very cool story about how the team continues to honor HK that I wanted to pass along:

Hamels should be fine for the season?!. Since ballplayers are know for being superstitious and as they say bad things happen in threes and he’s had his three “bad” things: elbow soreness, hit by Fielders hit, and the sprained ankle.

It would be a nice Mother’s Day gift if they could have a three game sweep against the Braves🙂

I was at one of the games that the Phils won, during the last home stand. They played High Hopes at the end of the game. (Not playing it during 7th inning stretch any more) I have no idea if they’re doing this for the rest of the season. (And they DIDN’T play it after a loss, that I was at.) Another nice tribute.

I’ll be at the game tonight…..(and tomorrow!)……Hoping for finally getting a good outing from Cole. And NO injuries!

Wait. I was at the game when he turned his ankle. Hope I’m not the jinx!

I noticed the jacket hanging in the Phillies dugout during the last homestand. I think it shows such class of the organization that they are doing this for him. Loved the commercial with HK they showed during last Saturday’s game.

I think it is cool that Victorino is the one who came up with the idea and also think it is cool that the family has been gracious enough to allow it. I love my Phillies!

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