Crunching Lidge's numbers

lidge 02.jpgBrad Lidge
has had a rough time in 2009.

He is 0-1 with an 8.49 ERA (11 earned runs in 11 2/3 innings) in 12 appearances. He has four saves in just five opportunities — he hasn’t had a save opportunity since April 25. He has allowed 14 hits, eight walks and five home runs. Opponents have hit .286 against him.

Lidge did not allow his 11th run until his his 43rd appearance on July 25 lat season.

He allowed only two homers and opponents hit just .198 against him.

“It’s embarrassing to be honest with you to give up this many home runs,” Lidge said today. “That being said, I feel fine. I’m encouraged that my stuff is getting better. I feel like my slider is great right now. Yeah, I’m making mistakes with my fastballs and right now they’re not missing.”


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Is it just me, or does anyone else think Charlie shouldn’t have let Blanton pitch the 8th? I know he thought he was doing pretty well, but Joe ended up with 110 pitches. And 2 extra runs.

Our starting 8 is the best in baseball. We have legit canidates for the all star game at 1b, 2b, cf, lf. Our Rf has great talant and in another year or two will also be an AS canidate. Our C is one of the best at calling games and fielding (don’t go by that mumbo jumbo stat stuff, look at the games) our SS should be an AS but is having another slow start. Hopefully he’ll get it in gear soon. What we ned is pitching (again) Cole is a legit Ace-as long as you keep him in bubble wrap, Happ is a legit starter/long reliever with a great future. the entire pen is doing great so far, (Except for Lidge who is resembling the pitcher he was with Huston again) We need to get our starters to start pitching. I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, Dubee has to go!! If Charlie likes him so much make him bench coach, but get someone else to coach the pitchers. Myers, Moyer, Park and Branton are all not pitching to potential. If one pitcher is having a bad stretch that’s understandable, when the whole staff is, something is wrong with A) thier strategy, B) their workouts and training C) thier Spring training Our staff, who admittedly had a collective career year last year, are better then they are showing. Myers should be a 18-20 game winner, Moyer should win 15, Blanton should win 15 and park should be sitting on a bench in the Pen while Happ starts and wins 15-20. When players don’t rech potential the coach is to blame. Our suyccess last year was in spite of Dubee not due to him, bring up the guy at Lehigh who straightened out Myers last year and is having Kendrick throw strikes and grounders again

I think that post wins the award for most typos/spelling mistakes ever–sorry all your English teachers out there

I think that post wins the award for most typos/spelling mistakes ever–sorry all your English teachers out there

I didn’t have a problem with Charlie sending Joe Blanton out there for the 8th inning. His pitch count wasn’t that bad and even tough the box score says otherwise, I felt Joe ptiched well. His problem like every Philies starter so far this season is that his mistakes are getting hit out of the ballpark. Besides those mistakes, I thought Joe was fine.

sporlova…..I agree with two of your points. One, Joe WAS pitching well, despite the box score. Two, his mistakes (as well as most of our starters) were hit out. But I disagree about the pitch count. He must have been pretty close to 100, since he finished at 110. Now, I know that 100 isn’t necessarily a magic number. I’ve never been a proponent of pitch counts. IF the game is going well. That’s why I thought Joe should have been pulled.

Not that we would have won anyway!

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