Wait, What Happened to Manny?

manny.jpgThe Phillies and Dodgers meet tonight for the first time since the ’08 NLCS.

Manny Ramirez won’t be there.

I’m going to miss the ‘lil guy.


We look at the top moments of the ’08 NLCS (with video, too).


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I wish him well in his “time off”. Maybe the drugs will kick in & he will finally be able to get pregnant.

Be nice if the Fightins can turn it around with the Mannyless Dodgers. GO PHILS!

If Park can have the same outing he did his last game, we’re golden.

Norma you are so right. It doesn’t matter if Manny is playing or not, the only questin is whether our pitching staff shows up. We beat these guys last year with manny and we’ll beat them this year as long as our pitchers do their job. Wonder how much his “vacation” will cost the Dogers in attendance?

The only thing good about living in LA is that I can see every game this series. Oops. I forgot the weather. Two things.

If Manny has been taking steroids all this time, it totally blows away all stereotypes about what players using PEDs look like. But unless he’s undergoing sexual reassignment or trying to be the first MLB player to play a season pregnant, there really isn’t any other explanation for what was in his body.

Darn! Does this mean I cannot wear my fake dreds?

Ha, ha!!


Jenn…..I dare you to wear your dreads! Then post about the response. LOL!

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