Manuel Asks Torre to Join Him at All-Star Game

manuel and torre.jpgCharlie Manuel
played coy Tuesday when asked if he had chosen his coaches for the National League All-Star team.

He hinted he had, but he wasn’t ready to announce them.

But Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre let the cat out of the bag Wednesday. He has been asked, and he is going.

“I’m honored he asked me and I;m definitely going to go,” Torre said. “It will be fun. It’s in St. Louis, and going back there will be nice. Charlie called me about it a week ago. At the time, I was scheduled to do something, get together for my sister’s 80th birthday, which I suppose I gave away now. We’ll have to restructure that. It’s been a while. It’s a great perk. I’ll just show up and have fun, I don’t have to worry about carrying around a fungo bat with me.”

Torre chose Manuel to be part of his American League staff in 2002.

The Indians fired Manuel the next day.


MLB Productions crews have been following the Phillies the past few weeks, putting together The Pen, the reality show which debuts on MLB Network on June 14. The crew recently went fishing with Clay Condrey, Chad Durbin and Ryan Madson. Condrey caught the most fish, which should surprise nobody. He’s an avid outdoorsman.


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Remember when some of us took Milt Thompson to task last year when the hitting drought occurred? Is it fair to take Rich Dubee to task for the woes of the pitching staff?

Yes, it is fair. It’s expected that a baseball player will go into a slump at some time during the season. But for a whole pitching staff to struggle is impossible unless (1) They are all still tired from last season or (2) Dubee isn’t doing enough to help his staff return to their 2008 form. Brad Lidge worries me because he said he felt fine and a few balls dropped in for hits. The last two outs were screaming line drives. He has lost that nasty slider he had last year.

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