Moyer's Struggles Continue

moyer 0513.jpgJamie Moyer
said he has no doubts he can end this season-long funk.

“I’ve got to believe if I start to doubt then it’s time for me to go home,” he said.

It has been ugly so far for Moyer in 2009. He is 3-3 with an 8.15 ERA after seven starts. He is 0-2 with a 13.86 ERA (19 earned runs in 12 1/3 innings) in his last three starts, which is his worst three-start stretch since he went 0-1 with a 15.30 ERA (17 earned runs in 10 innings) from May 6 – May 18, 2005, when he pitched for the Seattle Mariners.

But Moyer has had rough stretches like this with the Phillies, which probably is why he thinks he will get through this one. He went 1-2 with a 9.60 ERA (16 earned runs in 15 innings) from Aug. 12 – Aug. 24, 2007. He also went 0-3 with a 10.06 ERA (19 earned runs in 17 innings) from July 2 – July 16, 2007.

“I’ve done this over 500 times,” Moyer added. “So you know what? I really don’t worry about what’s behind me.”

Moyer, 46, has made 591 starts in his career. He would like to have at least 25 more starts before the end of the season.

“It’s not difficult at all (to be patient),” Charlie Manuel said. “Our pitching is what it is. We signed those pitchers to pitch. Will I stay with them? Of course I’ll stay with them. That’s who we have. That’s not hard or difficult at all. We’ve got five starting pitchers. And if we choose to make adjustments on our staff and we want to put (J.A.) Happ or somebody else in there, that’ll be a decision that we make down the road. But at the same time, right now? What the hell? I can’t be any more confident in our guys.”

Read Manuel’s words carefully. The Phillies signed Moyer to a two-year, $16 million contract in the offseason. He is going to get plenty more chances.


Manuel announced Happ will start Game 2 of the doubleheader Saturday in Washington.


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Glad Happ is getting the start on Saturday (when he had to come into the game for Moyer last night I thought his start might be in jeopardy). I’m sure Moyer will get a couple of more starts to “right the ship”. Wonder what will happen if he continues to flounder???

If Moyer’s location is up he’s nothing but a batting practice pitcher. Combine that with the fact that he needs the ump to give him the edges and he has a very fine line for success. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t allow the Phillies to offer him a buyout for next year at some point. He won’t want to stick around if he is getting knocked around, not like Eaton.
Should have gone after Lowe instead of re-signing Moyer. I said it then and I’ll say it again. The Phillies need to look at how the Eagles cut loose Dawkins. The phans were upset at first, but from a business and practical sense it was the right thing to do. Loyalty only goes so far when a player can’t produce anymore.

Yeah, there aren’t many options, are there? He’s going to keep getting the ball every 5th day, so the best case is that he either gets it together or he realizes that he’s hurting the team and/or he’s at the end of the line and takes a buyout. Even if he were to straighten out and pitch well for the rest of this season, I think the Phils should buy him out of the second year (what a mistake) of the contract and part ways with him. Even if the end isn’t now it can’t be too far off. We can’t take another chance next year.

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