Obama Wants A Ring

obama jersey.jpg

obama jersey 2.jpgPresident Barack Obama gets a Phillies jersey from Jimmy Rollins today at the White House.

Obama seems to approve.

“Can I have your ring, too?” Obama asked Rollins.

Rollins politely declined.


I enjoyed my time today at the White House. I entered the White House grounds around 11:20 a.m. through the northwest gate on Pennsylvania Avenue. Once I cleared security (no problem), I headed in with the Daily News’ David Murphy, who remembered to bring his ID (something he seems to forget or lose every other month).

We did not know where to go, and we had nobody to tell us where to go. So we walked. We quickly noticed a Marine sentry standing in front of a door. We approached, the Marine opened the door and we walked through.

“Uh, can I help you?” a lady asked.

“Yes, we’re here for the Phillies event.”

We got several concerned/confused looks from the people in the room. I also got a you-really-really-really-should-not-be-in-here vibe. We quickly learned we had entered the wrong door, and needed to go elsewhere. I learned much later we had entered the West Wing lobby, and the Marine sentry at the door meant the President was in the West Wing. Thankfully, the Secret Service didn’t rappel from the roof, tackle us and arrest us for suspicious behavior.

We hung out in the briefing room for a few minutes before we were escorted through the Rose Garden to the South Lawn, where we waited for the ceremony to start. Of course, I had no idea we were walking through the Rose Garden at the time. I guess I expected more roses? The ceremony did not last long, but it was sweet.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday.


I guess we should be thankful that Chase didn’t drop a F-bomb on the Prez.

If you watch the video that philly.com has towards the end when the President is leaving you see him embrace the Sarge. Then you hear in the background someone saying “see you soon JC”

I didn’t even see Chase in the pic. Maybe he was banned to the back row. LOL!

I just looked on the Phillies site, about 30 min. ago, and didn’t see a video. Guess I’ll go back and check.

Oh jimmymack, you scamp. WFC baby!

Norma: I saw it on philly.com (here’s the link: http://www.philly.com/philly/video/BC23332076001.html?cmpid=16339736)

Plus they also have pictures (http://www.philly.com/philly/photos/sports_photos/Phils_at_White_House.html?cmpid=42906447?cmpid=16339736)

Don’t worry Chase is there! Let’s win some games now!!

Did find it, Karen. Thanks! Didn’t realize you had said *philly.com*.

And didn’t the Prez say; “How’s it going Sarge?” Or something like that? LOL!

Deb, good one . ROTFLMAO.

Here’s an even better video from 6abc.com….


Nice that HK was mentioned. And I’m pretrty sure I saw the Kalas’ boys, sitting with the family and friends, at the end of the video.


Post any of your thoughts on him mlb.com articles.

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