Feeling Good Again

escalona.jpgSo I leave the Phillies for the weekend and what happens They complete a four-game sweep of the Nationals.

Maybe I should stay away more often. (That’s a rhetorical question … or something. Don’t answer that.)

Raul Ibanez hit .500 (9 for 18) with three homers and nine RBIs in the series. Pedro Feliz hit .500 (7 for 14) with two doubles and two RBIs. Chase Utley hit .444 (4 for 9) with two RBIs and five walks. Jimmy Rollins hit .389 (7 for 18) with a triple, two RBIs and three walks. Jayson Werth hit .333 (5 for 15) with a homer and three RBIs. Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino each hit .294 (5 for 17), with Howard adding two homers and five RBIs.

Yeah, pretty much everybody hit.


Andrew Carpenter, Sergio Escalona, J.A. Happ and Brett Myers picked up wins in the series, which I’m sure most people would have predicted. Brad Lidge picked up saves Saturday and Sunday after blowing a save Friday. Clay Condrey picked up a save Saturday.


Is Chan Ho Park‘s spot in the rotation in jeopardy again after Sunday’s poor showing?


There is only one restaurant in the Green Bay airport, and that is before security. But there is one Cheese Shop, which has an assortment of cheese curds. I’m OK with this.


Nice wins but let’s not get too excited about the stats. I mean, it was the Nats. If the Phils give up 5 or 6 runs a game against a good team for a series, they ain’t sweeping.

bolenbak – The Nats are the 3rd best hitting team in the NL, so it actually is a difficult task to keep them to just a couple of runs. Despite their horrific record. Goes to show just how important pitching and defense are. Nats have more than 3 times as many errors as the Phillies so far this year.

Not much made in the media about this, but, the one thing I thought most impressive about the above stats…….After going 0-18, 3 of Chase’s 4 hits, were doubles hit hard into right. Classic Utley! And even before his first hit, last night, he looked more relaxed at the plate. Maybe having the 1st game off, yesterday, helped. Sure glad he’s back!

phillsbabe – I obviously was not referring to the Nats “stellar” offense. If you read my comment in the context of Zo’s post, I was referring to the fact that the Phils are not going to score 8 or 9 runs a game against a good team (good being defined as BOTH offense and pitching/defense) and would therefore not sweep. I shudder to think that you think it is still acceptable to give up 5 or 6 runs in every game to the Nats and that the Phils pitching has been anything but abysmal this year…

Our lousy starting pitching aside…..There is nothing wrong with the Nats offense. Check their stats. It’s THEIR pitching and defense, that does them in. We may not have the pitching either, but we sure have the defense!

And I don’t care how many runs we score against a *good* team. As long as it’s one more than theirs!

norma48’s response said it perfectly.

Basically you’re all saying the same thing; our offense looked great and except for Myers, our starting pitching sucked. THankfully it was the Nats so we could score tons.

It is time to address the starting pitching. We have the following starters. Cole, Myers and??? Branton has been on again off again all year, Moyer is showing his age, or the umpires aren’t giving himn any breaks, or I don’t know what, but the bottom line is he ain’t getting the job done. Park had one or two decent outings but is not going to make it as a starter. I highly suggest we: Put Park in Pen and start Happ, send Branton to LV to work for 2 weeks with the guy who straightened out Myers last year and is doing so well with Kendrick and bring up Kendrick instead. Moyer is a problem. YOu can’t send him down. All you can do is send him out there for 2-3 more times and hope he either gets it together or decides to walk away like a MENCH.

The Pen is also stugling but seems to have gotten it together for the most part. Lidge had one awful outing but followed it up with a great one. Madson had his first bad outing of the year and that happens. I like the new kid. Throws good and stayed calm. All in all, if we keep up the offence and address the pitching issues we have a good chance of winning the division again. GO PHILS!@!

Speaking of *the new kid*……Did I miss something? Where did he come from, and why do we have him? When we sent Carpenter back down, di we leave Cairo there, too? And bring this kid up for the bench? I liked him, too! Fun to see back-to-back wins, go to guys who weren’t even supposed to be here. LOL!

Norma: I thought I read somewhere that Cairo has to accept a minor league assignment.

My guess on Escalona & Carpenter are that the Phils wanted to give two prospects a chance. Kendrick was scheduled to pitch for LV and they want to have him keep working on his stuff (plus I think they don’t want to jerk him around by bring up and then sending him back to the minors) and Carasco is struggling.

Actually just read it has to do with minor league options.

I don’t think phillsbabe and norma 48 are getting my point, which is hard to believe since it is fairly straightforward. There is really nothing to disagree with or not to get.

Norma, they needed a starter for the DH. Happ was called into action in Fridays’ game so they went to the minors. They didnt’ want to break Kendrick’s routine and give him false hope of staying with the team the brought up Carpenter. As for Sergio, he had options and it was only for the nats serries, I think. The Pen had been worked hard and an extra arm was needed.

Cairo is history. While he was sent down, even if he accepts, they have told him he’d have to do pretty well to get called back. They are looking for a bench player, but I wouldn’t be surprized to see either Mayberry or Ozuna. Donald is hitting all of .247 in AAA

bolenbak: You are all saying the same thing, pitching is important, our and theres. They are just saying that a win is a win is a win and who cares how we got it and against who

Let me deconstruct my original point. Zo posts that people are feeling good about the Phils and cited their offensive output over the weekend, which by any measure was outstanding. I said that we shouldn’t get too excited because it was the Nats that they were putting those numbers up against and if it was a good team, we wouldn’t have swept. Maybe I should have been more explicit here but the obviously implication was that Phils pitching was and has been awful and if the Phils were playing a team with better than little league pitching and defense, they would have swept while giving up 5 and 6 runs per game.

Then phillsbabe critiques my comment by citing the Nats offense. I don’t care about the Nats offense, I was talking about the Phils pitching and how awful it has been. Having a team ERA of around 6 is not going to get it done for a full season. Unless, of course, the Phils score 1,200 runs this year and that would be truly historic…

Well, they may score that many the way they are going, but no one is saying that our pitching is great, good or even adaquate. We all kow we need to improve out pitching. Tell me, when we kick the Yankee’s *** this week, will you say it was because the wind in their park blows out and therefore our hitters had an easier time? The important thing is we put 4 little marks in teh win colum. No one cares how you got them or against who. Remember, the only thing that counts at the end of the season is how many wins you have, not how they got there

bolenbak…. I was actually agreeing with you. But after re-reading my post, I could see why you might think I wasn’t. Sorry! And we certainly got some help last night from the “keystone cops”, after Feliz’ bunt. LOL!

FIJ……I knew that Carpenter was up for the DH, since Haap had been used the night before. Didn’t know why Sergio was brought up. Thanks for the clarification.

The question of course, Todd, is what are they going to do now? Are they going to keep 13 pitchers which I can’t imagine, or bring up someone for the bench. As I said Mayberry or Ozuna are probably at the top of the list

Anybody know how Carpenter got the win on Saturday when he didn’t pitch 5 complete innings? The original box in Sunday’s Inky had Condrey with the win, and then they changed it.

Phan52: it’s one of these obscure baseball rules. Since the Phils played 5 innings of defense and we’re winning at the time, Carpenter gets the win and Condrey gets the save. Check the today’s Inky for the rule #.

Thanks Karen. I felt bad for the kid when he couldn’t get through the inning. They gave him every opportunity, though.

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