Everybody Loves Jayson

werth curtain call.jpgMLB.com polled baseball executives and managers about the most underrated players in the National League, and Jayson Werth found himself atop the list with San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Check out the story here.

Here is what some people had to say about Werth:

“He probably gets lost a little with [Jimmy] Rollins, [Chase] Utley and [Ryan] Howard there, but he’s a very good player. He does everything well,” Padres general manager Kevin Towers said. “He’s such an instinctual player, and he’s the kind of player who can really hurt you.”

“He always plays so well against us,” Mets manager Jerry Manuel said. “But when you think of the Phillies, folks will think of the first baseman [Howard], the second baseman [Utley] and the shortstop [Rollins] first. And now they have [Raul] Ibanez. But Werth hurts you in every way. And he’s getting better as a hitter.”

“I think he does a lot more than people think,” Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin said. “He’s a good runner [and] he has a good arm in the outfield. He’s very under the radar, because for as good an offensive club as [the Phillies] are, he brings the right-handed balance.”

Chicago’s Ryan Theriot, Milwaukee’s Corey Hart, Philadelphia’s Shane Victorino, Pittsburgh’s Ryan Doumit and Colorado’s Garrett Atkins were the only other players who received two or more votes from Major League executives and managers.


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As well they should, except pitchers. Whenever any of them throw him a cookie, someone is scoring.

I love that we have two of the most underrated players. Let’s hope they stay that way and stay in Phila their whole careers. Jayson and Shane are defiantely the duo.

My season tix are in right/center. A huge JW fan contingent there. When he takes the field, you would think he was God! LOL!

If Ibanez keeps up his streak we may have 3! Terrific to see them recognize Werth and Victorino (I guess Vic’s gold glove might have helped)

Another successful under-the-radar pickup for Gillick. Long live “Gillickball”!

I wouldn’t call Ibanez under the radar or underrated. He has constantly been a great hitter. Maybe those of us who don’t follow the AL hadn’t heard about him, but believe me the fans of the AL all knew who he was and how great he was.

This topic is about Jason Werth, isn’t it? That’s who I was talking about as under-the-radar.

Todd, what does underrated mean? And who on earth is underrating any of those players on the list? Most managers, players, and fans never underrate a player on another team. We check the stats and recent hitting trends and rate the player accordingly. I think the correct term is underrecognized or underappreciated. Please clarify. Thanks.

Todd, one more thing, could you also explain the phrase “plays the game the right way”? This is used a lot by commentators who say it and agree when others say it about a particular player. I think this phrase is an insult to the thousands of professional ball players who have never had the privilege of being labeled as someone who “plays the game the right way,” yet actually do. Is their an official list of these players somewhere?

Does anyone know when Werth and Victorino are eligible to become free agents? If memory serves me correctly I believe one of the two will be eligible after this season.

I think Jason signed a contract extention shortly after Amaro started to take care of solidifying the roster for this season as well as the next two years or so. I’m not sure about Shane. But I think he will be on the team next year too.

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