Ibanez Named NL Player of the Week

ibanez vs. atlanta.jpgRaul Ibanez
continues to impress.

He earned National League Player of the Week honors after he led the Majors with 26 total bases last week.

Ibanez also tied for the league lead with 12 RBIs and nine runs scored, and tied for second in the league with four home runs and 13 hits. He hit .481 (13 for 27) with a .963 slugging percentage and a .576 on-base percentage.

Ibanez is hitting .357 with 13 homers and 35 RBIs this season. He ranks ninth in baseball in average, second in homers, fourth in RBIs, first in slugging percentage (.714) and 15th in on-base percentage.


Infielder Miguel Cairo, who the Phillies designated for assignment after Friday’s game in Washington, has accepted his minor league assignment, although it is unclear when he will join Triple-A Lehigh Valley. Cairo had to accept the assignment as part of his contract.


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Glad to hear it!

May Cairo enjoy LV, it’s as close to Phila as he’ll get this season. Good for Rauuuuuuullllllll He definately deserved this and a spot on the All Star team as well.

Todd, any word on what the phillies are doing with the 25th spot? I can’t believe they intend to keep 13 pitchers

WAHOO!!!! Or should I say…..Raaauuulll! Although it shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

I’d be shocked if Raul didn’t make the All Star team. Even if, by some miracle, he isn’t voted in, Charlie has a say of who plays.


Was listening to WIP this am and they were comparing Ibanez’s stats w/Burrell’s (Burrell just got put on the DL with a neck sprain). Ibanez’s numbers were at least twice as good as Pat’s.

Wonder how many HRs our Fightins will hit in the Bronx this weekend???

Ibanez has been even better than advertised. No way he can possibly keep up this pace, but you’ve gotta figure he’s going to put up better numbers with us than he did with Seattle. Hopefully he can stay consistent throughout the life of his 3-year contract.

His offensive production is most certainly helped by being in a better lineup. Playing half his games in CBP is also helping. What I’m really impressed with though is how well he has hit left-handers, just like we were told he could. Check out the stats:

AB (97/43), H(35/15), 2B(5/4), 3B(1/0), HR(9/4), BA(0.361/0.349), OBP(0.431/0.412), SLG(0.711/0.721), OPS(1.143/1.133)

Anyone missing Burrell?

BTW, our top two hitters against left-handers are Ibanez and Utley (Had to throw that one out there for you, Norma)

bski…….Thanks, but I actually knew that! LOL!

FIJ, why can’t you believe that the worst pitching staff in the National League would want to have an extra pitcher permanently on the roster? Karen, don’t forget our pitchers have given up more homers than any team in all of MLB. RAUUUUUUUUUUUL RUUUUUUUUUUUUULES!

I kinda figured you might, Norma, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to include your guy in the discussion pass by.

bski….I appreciate it! 😀

Norma…..Are you still going to a lot of games? I bought a 6-pack of games this year for me and my family. I know that we all tried to have a face-to-face meet up last year and it didn’t work out, but I’d like to try again if you or any of the other regulars, like Jimmymack, want to. We already went to our first game on May 10th, but we still have 5 games left——5/31, 6/21, 7/5, 7/26, 8/9——all on Sunday. Let me know.

bski…..I have a 17 game season tic package. Plus we bought tix for 4 other games. None on Sunday, though. But I just got free passes, to trade in for games. And would love to do a Sunday game. I wrote your dates down. Not sure what jimmymack did for this year. I know last year, he had the same plan as me, and also a Sunday plan.

The 7/26 or 8/9 games would probably work best for me. But I’m flexible.

Norma…..Sounds good. As we come up on any of those dates just let me know if you will be going. We’ll also have to check in with Jimmy or anyone else interested in getting together.

Sundays work out well for my family. We have to drive into the city (and home again), so the afternoon games are better. We leave around 9:30AM and get home around 9:30PM.

I think I’ve finally started to remember to check in here on a daily basis. I stayed with the Inquirer blog and kept forgetting about this one earlier in the season.

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