Park Is Out, Happ Is In

park.jpgThe Phillies have moved Chan Ho Park out of the rotation and have replaced him with J.A. Happ.

Happ will start Saturday against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Park will be available in the bullpen beginning Wednesday against the Reds.

“I’m disappointed,” Park said. “I lost the job as a starter, which is what I wanted. I don’t make the decision, but I lost the job. I’ve got a new job. I have to figure out how to prepare to be good with the new job in the bullpen. I have good memories of the bullpen last year. I know it’s not easy, that’s why I don’t like being in the bullpen. But the team expects more from me out of the bullpen. I have to do my best.”

Park was 1-1 with a 7.08 ERA in eight appearances (seven starts). He had a 7.29 ERA in those seven starts, and pitched just 1 1/3 innings Sunday against the Nationals. Meanwhile, Happ went 2-0 with a 2.49 ERA in 12 appearances in the bullpen.

“Obviously, I had a little pressure,” Park said. “I felt like I was pitching like it was Spring Training, you guys asking me all the time, ‘Are you going to still have a job or not?’ I put pressure on myself. It’s too bad I couldn’t enjoy that I made it after Spring Training. But I had a good time. I appreciated they gave me an opportunity. Who knows in the future? But today I heard I’m going in the bullpen.”

Happ won the right to start as much as Park lost it. If Happ had moped in the bullpen because he lost the job to Park in Spring Training and pitched poorly, maybe the Phillies stick with Park a little longer? Who knows?

“For me, in reality, that’s kind of the only choice I have,” Happ said. “Otherwise, maybe I would never get back up or bad things can happen. I try to stay positive. Hopefully I can go out there Saturday and give us some quality innings.

“It’s an opportunity. I’ll try to take advantage of it. Other than that, it’s a job. I’ll try to do well, obviously.”


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Good, he was starting to make me miss Adam Eaton. He got his shot, so he should have no complaints. I suspect this Reds team may give us some problems, don’t see a sweep.

Oh nice. Welcome to the rotation Happ, you get to take on the Yankees. Poor kid. I think this is the right move but still I feel bad for where he gets he first start.

Happ deserved it as much as Park out of spring training. Now it’s time to give him a shot. If he can’t handle it after 2 or 3 starts then it’s time to call someone up. Who that may be remains to be seen.

Park says he doesn’t like the bullpen because it’s “not easy”….well…if starting was easy wouldn’t you have done better and kept your job? Work harder Park. Make it happen. Good luck to Happ, I’m excited to see him start. My prediction is he gets 4 strong innings in before they pull him…..

Finally. Let’s go, Road Warriors!!
Things are starting to shape up. Rollins is getting into form and hopefully Blanton and Moyer can start to get their act together. JC is two weeks away and the Mutts are throwing the ball all over the place, like bad defensive teams will do. One legit outfielder (Beltran) and no catcher or first baseman. Five errors may become the norm for the Mutts.

Yay!!! Let’s hope this works out, and turns things round for the pitching staff. And also a heads up, to all the other pitchers, that their jobs aren’t necessarily *safe*.

I am a little bit dissappointed by this move. Not because Happ earned the spot but because Park was treated like a scapegoat for the starting rotation struggle. Obviously Park didn’t do very well but he was not the major problem. (I guess Blanton and Moyer should thank Park!)
I wish good luck to Happ who definately deserves a rotation spot. At the same time, I hope Park to solve his own approach problem in the pen and get ready for any spot start opportunity to reestablish himself. Personally, I would like to see more phillies fans embrace Park and encourage him to succeed…

Now that you’ve given Happ a chance to prove himself, the Phillies have a good Rookie-of-the Year candidate in the lefty. He looks good enough to give the Phillies a formidable one-two lefthanded punch along with Cole Hamels. National League hitters beware!

*sigh of relief*

Yeah, tough first assignment for Happ. Plus, the Phils didn’t stretch him out at all so he’s probably only good for around 60 pitches or so. Good to see a move made with the rotation. We’re coming up on the 1/4 point of the season. It’s not early anymore. Park was given a legitimate shot and couldn’t get the job done. Now waiting for the other shoe to drop……Jamie Moyer. He’s really got to start showing SOMETHING. Rearranging the rotation is definitely the right move, as I can’t/don’t want to imaging Moyer pitching against the Yanks at this point. However, the move smacks of desperation, and we’re not going to be able to continue doing it indefinitely. Moyer simply must come around very soon or something needs to be done. A good start against the Reds would be nice. We’ve now got one win in the books and it would be great to win the series.

hinmanavenue………I don’t think Park is the scapegoat, at all. Granted, he may not have pitched any worse than Moyer and Blanton, but he has pitched relief. You can’t move Moyer or Blanton into the ‘pen. And something had to be done to improve our starting pitching.

Hi hinmanavenue – I respect your point of view. I was also rooting for Park to do well, because I was impressed by his determination in spring training. However, I don’t think he has played consistently well enough to keep the starting spot. And the issue to me is not that he is a scapegoat but that he is the only one of the struggling starters who has the versatility to move into relief. Meanwhile a rising Happ deserves a chance to help our starting staff. But don’t worry – many of us Phillies fans do “embrace” Park and wish him well. I have faith that he can still pitch impressively, but maybe it will just need to happen in a different way now.

It is definately about time this move was made. Not because Park is the scapegoat, but because he was signed as a reliever and surprizingly won the starters job in Spring training. He also (not) surprizingly lost in in the regular season. I’m a bit disapointed in his attempt to lay the blame on the media and their constantly asking if he had a job. Had he pitched well no one would have been asking. Here’s an idea Ho, pitch well out of the pen and you may get to replace Moyer or Blanton if they keep throwing like it’s little league. Besides, your fanmis in Korea should be thrilled, they can now watch you pitch almost every night instead of only once a week (and this is good for the team?)

The Phils are fortunate that they had the ability to flip Happ for Park since Park is really a bullpen pitcher. They don’t have to worry too much about “breaking in” a new type of pitcher since each pitcher is really now in the role that best suits them. Plus both have major league experience.

Loved Chris Wheeler’s comment after the final out how the DelVal breathed a sigh of relief as Lidge was able to get the save! I know I did!

And to continue from yesterday……GO DODGERS! Thanks for beating the Mutts once again!!

On a slightly different note, it’s getting time to start thinking about the trade deadline and what, if any moves we should make. Given: we are set for the next few years at 1b, 2b, ss, and all 3 outfield posistions. We have question marks at 3B and Catcher. Happy Pete has shown so far that last year was caused by his back. He has an option for next year. The question is, do we pick it up, do we think that Donald is our future at the hot corner, or do we look for a quality replacement. (Donald is not impressive so far in LV)
Ruiz is a fine defensive catcher but is not a hitter by any means. Marson seems to be the replacement, but the organisation keeps saying that he’s not ready, and he also isnt doing very well at LV.

Pitching wise, I dont’ believe that Myers will walk at the end of the year. This means we have a starting rotation of (get ready guys) Cole, Myers, Happ, Carlos, and then either Kendrick, Branton, Drabeck, Lehr, Worley, Carpenter. (Yes possible a totally home grown rotation) Our Pen seems set as well with the top 3 (Lidge, Madson, and Romero) not going anywhere. Durbin seems to have planted roots as well.

The major question I have is what do we do with mayberry and Donald. If we aren’t going to play them in the big leagues, do we shop them for a 3B or a top rate C? Can you imagine a trade with the Nats for Zimmerman (throw in one or two of our pitching prospects) or with the Giants for Molina? Both are legit RH bats.

The question is, do we make a move or not?

FIJ: Believe it or not Zimmerman just signed a long term deal with that Nats (he lives in the VA area). Also Moyer’s has a year or so left on his contract. Obviously we’ll see what happens in his next couple of starts. Not sure what the status is of Condrey & Eyre’ contracts. I think they might try and keep Chooch and maybe even Feliz. Both have started to hit better. Look how the bottom of the line-up did against the Nats (I know its the Nats!) Plus Chooch batted really well in the post season. As of the moment Mayberry, Donald and Marson aren’t doing too well.

With all that said, I think at the trade deadline unless they can get their RH bat for the bench or some great pitcher not sure if any move(s) will need to be made. Time will tell.

The fact that Zimmerman signed long term isnt a negative, in fact it’s better for us, that way he can’t walk as a FA and we have stability. The nat’s are about to lay out trillions of dollars on this wonder pitcher they are going to draft, and may be looking to scale down their payrole. Also, they definately need help in their rotation (it makes ours look good). Moyer is signed, but I think he walks away at the end of the year unless he serriously turns it around. While the 3 prospects aren’t doing great (Mayberry is hitting .280 with 8 HRs) it’s pretty much agreed that they are legit players in teh majors as of next year (sooner is they go to the Nutts)

I have a feeling that this might be a widely rejected idea, but if Moyer continues to struggle and Happ isn’t the answer (though I think he’ll be a solid fifth starter) why not take a chance on Pedro Martinez or Ben Sheets. Yes, both are injury prone, and Pedro may not have anything left in the tank, but Sheets has proven to be an ace when he is healthy. He made 31 starts last year before going down right before the playoff stretch and had an era of 3.09. His stats prove that he is legit when he is healthy. So for a prorated $5 million contract, why not at least take a look at him as he could be a solid #2 to Hamels going into the pennant race this year. Like Clemens was a few years ago, he’ll be coming in fresh having not pitched the first half of the season. In addition, if the a team were to sign him after the first year player’s draft in June, they would not have to give up a draft pick for the Type A free agent. The only other team that has shown interest so far has been the Texas Rangers who have even more of a band box than the Phitins.
I think Mayberry is a keeper too, as Werth is a free agent after 2010 and will be 32 years old and the Phils will be looking everywhere to reduce the payroll unless we win the next two World Series.

I think if they removed Moyer from the rotation that he would retire and take a buyout. That said, they will have to consider moving Donald later this year (pick up the option on Pete Happy, maybe even give him an extension) for pitching help. I never thought I’d say this, but they may be better off with Kendrick than Moyer at this stage, so go get a better pitcher. Myers will be a FA next year and Carrasco doesn’t look to be ready in the near future.
I’m betting that Peavy is a Mutt before long. They’ll probably have to eat Giles contract to make a deal with the Pads, but the Mutts need Peavy badly. So do we, BTW.

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