rollins 0517.jpgIt’s too early to declare Jimmy Rollins back on track, but the last five games certainly have been encouraging.

Rollins is hitting .363 (8-for-22) with a double, triple and three RBIs during the Phillies’ five-game winning streak.

“When he goes, we go,” Ryan Howard said. “I don’t think anybody was worried about what was going on. He got off to a slow start, but that’s why you play 162 games. All that matters is where you are at the end. If he’s hot at the end of the season and we’re hot at the end of the season, nobody will even remember the slow start. You knew at some point he was going to come back and putting it together. We’re used to it. It’s J-Roll being J-Roll.”

Said Charlie Manuel: “Jimmy Rollins is the kind of guy where he loves to play baseball. He’s got a little what I call slick on him. But his is in a real good way, and his personality corresponds to us winning.”


Manuel and Rich Dubee certainly had to make the move to replace Chan Ho Park in the rotation with J.A. Happ. But even if Happ pitches well, the Phillies still have to hope Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton straighten out soon.

Moyer pitches tonight.


Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park and Washington’s Nationals Park are probably the two most underwhelming new ballparks in baseball, in my opinion. There just isn’t anything spectacular about them. While I wasn’t impressed with Citi Field, it has a little more character than these two.


The WWE had an event across the street from the ballpark last night. Rowdy Roddy Piper remains my favorite. Piper’s Pit rocked.


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caltruegiant@comcast.net: to respond to your post on the last thread, I don’t think Werth is going anywhere. He likes the fact that the Phillies have given him a home and a chance and won’t be so quick to leave a contender. I also like Mayberry, but we really don’t need to carry 4 starting OFs, if we can use one to bring in a 3B or C to fill out or starting 8 (assuming Feliz’s option isn’t picked up and Marson isn’t quite the prospect we think he is. As for Sheets and Martinez, haven’t we had enough FA starting pitchers who never started a game or when they did they made little leaguers look good?

Interesting idea was raised on Dave’s cheesy blog today. Call up Marson and thus allow Coste to be the Dh against the Yucks. He’s a great hitter against lefties over the years. I still think that calling up Pablo Ozuna makes sense. he’s hitting around .300 with 5 steals and can play anywhere except Pitcher, catcher and 1B, and he hits righthanded

FIJ……Why wouldn’t Feliz’ option be picked up? He’s a great fielder, and his ba is above 300.

I get the whole “Jimmy is our catalyst” thing. We score runs, when he’s on base, casue Chase, Ryan, and now Raul, are hitting behind him. And I’m glad he’s *back*. But…..What’s the problem when he’s not hitting. Is it a *mental* thing with the other players? Can’t they try harder? Do you guys get what I mean? After all…..What made the Phils the WFC’s is TEAM work. it was never about one player. OK. I feel better now. LOL!

Todd……My son loved Rowdy Roddy! I was always a hulk Hogan girl. Miss those WWE events. Good times! LOL!

Norma, We won’t pick up Feliz’s option if: A) he flounders the second half of season B) Donlad is views as teh future 3B and we want to cut payroll or use his salary elsewhere or C) we have a cahnce to pick up a better 3B (Zimmerman, etc) for a good price in trade.

The Phils don’t do as well when Jimmy isn’t hitting because they start the 1st with one out and none on and there are less runners to knock in when Chase, Howard etc come to bat.

I’d love to see you in your Hulk outfit lmfao

I liked someone’s suggestion on High Cheese to have Myers DH against Sabathia….LOL!!

Never really got into the WWE. Used to watch it back in the day with my brother when Andre the Giant & George the Animal Steel were the main attractions (am I showing my age or what!!!)

I agree that the last couple of new ball parks the Phils have played at appear on TV to be very non-descript. I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s opinion on the new Yankee stadium.

never was into WWE either, but I can imagine the outfit the “Hulk” would wear lol

Hey karen, how’s this for showing my age?
Bruno Sammartino!

Todd, you are usually great at giving us the important stats. But I have to disagree with emphasizing J-Roll’s BA and RBIs in favor of his RUNs. Did you know that J-Roll has had an 8-game hitting and run-scoring streak? During which he is 11-34 with 9 runs scored. He is our leadoff hitter. His job is to get on base and score runs. No Phan cares how many RBIs he has.

What’s wrong with Washington’s new stadium? Most of their fans, the players, and visiting commentators have said mostly positive things about it.

No matter how bad the Nat’s stadium is, it can’t be worse than the organization!

@fan_in_jerusalem: it’s not that I want Werth to go or that he would want to go, but depending on where the budget is in two years. Granted a ton of salaries are coming off the books after this year (Eaton, Jenkins, Thome(finally)) but the team will need to start looking into re upping with Hamels and Howard again (the following year) and Shane and J-Roll will be up. This is more of coming from a fan that grew up watching the San Francisco Giants trade of their farm system year after year to get average players that last only a year (ex. Liriano and Nathan for aj pierzynski). The Phils seem not to mind keeping players in the minors as long as there is someone in front of them (Howard), so I feel like they very well could just sit tight, possibly picking up a relief pitcher towards the deadline.

Having been the Nats stadium myself, I think it’s more of what they could have done with the stadium. As Citizen Bank Park opens to the city, National’s Park view is of the Capital Building, that is blocked by parking garage. The Washington Monument also can only be seen if you look between the fence in the upper deck on the third base side.

Wow! Karen and phan52 must be MY age! LOL!

Raising a son by myself, it was hard not to get into the WWF when it was at it’s height. Good times! LOL!

Phan52 & Norma: Moyer & I are the same age. And yes I remember Bruno Sammartino. My brother an avid baseball fan along with my father (used to memorize the Baseball Encyclopedia) “tortured” his sisters with old time wrestling. Also made me a 3 Stooges fan (yes unusual for a girl!)

Thought Moyer looked much better last night. Too bad the offense was a bit anemic.

Sometimes you have to give props to the opposing pitchers.

Karen……OK. You’re a bit younger than me. And I’m not ashamed to admit my age. 60!

The Three Stooges? Nyuck, nyuck. Moe, Larry…Cheese!!

I’m 56, and the first team that I followed every day was the 1964 team. You can imaging the mark that left.

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