Living on the Edge

We were talking with Jamie Moyer after last night’s 5-1 loss to the Reds, when somebody mentioned how Charlie Manuel thought he got into a lot of deep counts.

Moyer shrugged.

“You know what? I’ve got to pitch on the edge,” he said. “I live on the edge.”

I’m not sure what Moyer said after that. As soon as I heard him say, “Live on the edge,” I kept hearing the steady beat of a bass drum. Seriously.


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Maybe this should be Jamie’s *intro* song.

Classic! He should definitely walk into this song. At least when he comes up to bat!

Nothing like the classics for a classic player!

Classic song for a classic, classy guy!

Jamie and Steven Tyler seperated at birth? Methinks not, unless Jamie wrapped a scarf around the microphone. We’re not worthy!

Holy crap, the Padres traded Peavy to the White Sox!!! This is huge, as it means the Mutts (or any other NL) can pick him up. This certainly makes the Phillies lives easier.

Wait…i meant to say CAN’T pick him up. not can. duh. Sorry, I was still in shock!

Jamie needs this song!! As for the Peavy trade, why can’t anyone pick him up? If he is a FA at the end of the year (and I don’t remember if he is or isnt) he will still be on the market. What it does mean, hopefully, is we won’t have to read countless trade “ideas” on this blog on who the phillies should trade to get him.

Peavy is signed through 2012 at pretty attractive numbers. He’s only getting around 11 million this year and it goes up to around 16-17 million. That’s a bargain for a beast like Peavy. I’m surprised he will go to the Sox because he is old school and hates the DH.

From what I read, Peavy still has to give his blessing to waive his no-trade clause. Also that he prefers to stay in the NL. Then again he didn’t go to the Cubs last year.

He has to approve the trade, that is true. A former Padres player who is now with the Sox thinks it is a 50-50 proposition that he will accept. What I meant by they can’t pick him up, I meant if the trade goes through, they can’t get him THIS year. Sure they could get him after the year, but frankly that is less of a concern as them getting him this season. I try to take it season to season. However, after reading what the Sox are giving up for him, even if this deal falls throught, it will take alot to pry him away. Since the Mets have other concerns at the moment (1st base, SS due to injuries), they may end up being too tapped out to pick him up. One thing to keep an eye on is the Braves. Not for Peavy but in general. They have shaken up their lineup the past two nights and it has really paid off. If they can keep this hitting up to go along with their strong starting pitching, it could get very interesting….

If Jamie comes out for his next start wearing leather and a studded collar, then maybe I’ll buy the livin’ on the edge comment ;O)


Do any of you people know the lyrics to the song?!! (You can’t help yourself from fallin’) /Living on the edge/(You can’t help yourself at all)/ Living on the edge/ (You can’t stp yourself from fallin’)/ Living on the edge/ Tell me what you think of your sit-u-a-tion/ Complication – aggravation/ is getting to you……..Do you geniuses still want this song played when Jamie starts a game at the Bank? Todd, knows the song and is, therefore, laughing his ars off reading your comments. This blog is becoming a chatroom for a select few Phans who only respond to each other’s comments. I’m personally upset because the old Zo-zone and Q&A Forum were never like this. Yesterday you guys were posting about your ages. Who gives a #@%* how old any of you is?!!! Every time I come on to this blog, I feel like I’m an uninvited guest that everyone notices but tries to ignore, in the hope that I’ll go away. I’ve been a Phan for four decades and you people make me and everyone else (who comes to this blog, reads the comments, and never comes back) feel like an f ‘n Mets fan. If you disagree with me, say so. Comment below. If I’m right, there will be few comments about this post below.

The lyrics don’t matter! It’s the fact that it’s “living on the edge”, to go along with Jamie’s explanation of how he pitches. All they would ever play is the intro/down beats anyway.

Somebody’s got a major bug up their butt. How old are you, anyway?

Erichh1: Not quite sure why you feel “left out” or ignored. As you know many of us have been commenting on Todd’s blog since his days at the Inky. I think its kinda nice to get to know folks with whom I “talk” with everyday about our Fightins. It makes it seems even more like a small community. Isn’t the purpose of blogs to not only comment on what the blogger has posted, but also to have conversations with those who have posted their comments to the blogger?? Also 9 xs out of 10 Todd’s blog is of course about the Phils/baseball, but naturally when there’s a brief lull a fun topic might pop into his head such as the wrestling/song reference. Makes reading this blog all that more interesting.

erich1…..I don’t know why you feel *left out*. I’ve seen you post here fairly frequently. Just join in the fun!

As for the *old* Zo-Zone…..I don’t see a whole lot of difference. Other than the fact, that there are a few less people. Some of the regulars probably chose to stay at the Inky’s blog. Their loss. LOL!

I know I’ve asked this before……Is anyone on Facebook? If you want to *friend* me, let me know, and I’ll post my email.

Sorry erich1! I’m sure that really annoyed you! LOL!

Norma: I must confess I too am on Facebook🙂 You can email me at Unfortunately I’m unable to visit my page very often since my work PC “bans” such websites?!?

Karen….Why are you *confessing* to being on FB???? Nothing wrong with that! Eveybody’s doing it! LOL! I’ll go friend you right now!

Thank you every one who responded to my rediculous allegation. I was just trying to see if I could get any of you to blast me for my post. What I learned is that this is still a kinder and gentler site. Thanks for not taking it personally.

Karen….FB said you’re not a member? Sure your email addy is correct? Mines…

Never mind. It worked. My fault!

Any other Facebookers, feel free to friend me with my email, above!

First off, let me say that I LOVE Jamie Moyer. That said, I said here in this space once before that signing him to two more years was a wonderful, human thing to do, but a terrible baseball decision. What have we seen so far? It’s been painful to watch, and it will only get more so. Batters are now laying off, making Jamie throw strikes. Umpires aren’t giving him the edges any more, and if he throws strikes at 32 MPH, he gets killed. As he has been. Do you want to see another season and three-quarters of this? This is a championship team, and every fifth day we throw batting practice. It’s time for Charlie to sit down with Jamie in the office, lock the door, and tell him that it’s time to retire. Give him a job coaching, teaching the minor-league prospects how to pitch (does anyone in this system teach pitchers how to pitch?), giving them an idea. Get inside Carrasco’s head. Whisper an idea to Kendrick. Put him in charge of the future. Just please, PLEASE, get him off the major-league mound.

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