Mayberry Makes His Mark

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Not a bad day for John Mayberry Jr.

He makes his Major League debut Saturday against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium. He gets his first hit … a three-run home run to left field against Andy Pettitte. He then stretches a single into a double in the seventh inning.

And his dad gets on TV.

Well, the first dad wasn’t his dad. It was just some guy. I noticed that almost immediately because I interviewed Mayberry Sr. during Spring Training. I was like, “Why is Mayberry’s dad wearing a Panama hat and jersey? Wait a second … “

Hilarity ensued.


Mayberry was the first Phillies to have his first big-league hit a home run since Chase Utley hit a grand slam against the Rockies on April 24, 2003, at Veterans Stadium.


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Great start by Happ. And Mayberry s having a nice game in his MLB debut. A HR and leg double. Madson and Lidge need to finish this off.

Should of let Madson stay in, and finish them off.

Anybody else concerned about Lidge?

Great outing by Haap!…..wasted! Mayberry’s 3 run blast!….wasted! Two hits by Chase….wasted! Erased by Werth hitting into 2 double plays! And the Yanks win, with another walk-off! ARGH!!!

Sorry norma, but the days of the two inning save are long gone. Lidge has to be hurt and is probably also losing confidence. That’s what happened to him in Houston. His ERA is 9.16 and he is giving up runs almost every time out.
If things continue like this, Madson has to be the closer.

Mayberry looks like he should be playing TE for the Eagles.

I know I have said this about other pitchers this year as well, but perhaps Lidge needs a brief trip to LV and the wonders of their pitching coach who worked wonders with Myers last year. SOmething is wrong, either mechanics, injury, confidence or voodoo, but this is not the same guy who we saw last year. No one expected him to be perfect again this year, but this is ridiculous. We need to be up by 5 runs to be confident of a win in going into the 9th. I wonder what affect it’s having on the starters (why bother pitching well, Lidge will just blow it anyway)

Great game by Meyberry. He might be hitting himself into a permananat place on the roster, like Howard did when called up to replace THorpe when he was DLed.

Starters looking better. Good games by Myers, COle, Happ, and even Branton had a good 4 before falling apart. Great road trip so far.

That was jusy a gut wrenching loss. Yesterday’s scene: tons of kids playing in backyard, father’s gathered around TV on deck, bitching about Buck and McCarver’s fawning over Yankee’s, then Lidge gives up bomb (which at least 2 of the father’s called). massive groan, muttered curses, then 2 hits and we lose. Wives gather kids up for dinner to get them away from ranting father’s, who proceeded to debate WTF just happened and drink the rest of my beer. Lousy ending to a nice day.

For those of you that think that Madson should have stayed in the game and pitched the 9th ining, I have to sisagree. Yes, Madson was pitching great, but Lidge is your closer. You have to bring him in in the 9th becasue 1- He hasn’t ptiched in a week or so, and 2- Like another poster mentioned, the days of a 2 inning save are long gone. 3- If you let Madson in the game and he blows it, then evereyone in town is going to second guess Charlie for not brining in Lidge. Lidge had to come in into that game plain and simple. The good news to come out of yesterday’s game, Hpap ptiched great. Mayberry made a great debut. And thank Godness Cole is going today.

sporlova…….I was the one who mentioned leaving Madson in. But it was really just a rant, ’cause I was so frustrated over a great game turning into a loss. I know Lidge is the closer. And Charlie was right, bringing him in. But he didn’t look all that comfortable on the mound. And I have to wonder how much longer Charlie will be chanting; “Lidge is my Closer”, if things don’t improve soon.

I really thought that when Chollie started the 8th inning with Eyre that he was going to try and get a 4-5 out save from Madson. Not to be. This is really worriesome.

A win is a win, but it appears that now that the starters are coming around, the closer is shot. Happ and Hamels both got cheated out of a win this weekend.

todd, thx for the review on the yanks ballpark. how much did you have to pay to get into the game(s) this weekend?

Good win! In spite of Lidge.

Question…….Anyone have any thoughts on why Chase is always the lefty to sit out? His BA is higher than Howard’s. Why not have Howard sit, move Chase to 1st, and have Bruntlett play 2nd? They would never sit Raul! And they shouldn’t! LOL!

everyone just needs to chill out. despite all of our problems so far this year were still in first place.lets make it to the allstar break and go from there. lidge is gonna be our closer he’ll get this thing figured out. madson is our setup man, and its ok to sit utley once in awhile.

I was thinking the same thing Norma when I saw that Chase wasn’t starting today and Wheels said that Charlie wanted to drop one lefty batter for today. Maybe it’s because Ryan was doing so badly at the plate on Fri & Sat that Charlie wanted him to get a chance to get his confidence back. Or the other explanation is the rumor I have heard floating around is that Chase’s foot is still a little bit hurting.

Yeah Greg, but it seems weird that Howard has not been likewise sitting “every once in awhile.” I definitely agree about Lidge though. Some fans (not so much on this board) are going ridiculously overboard about sending him down to the minors. Gotta admit it’s worrisome though. Personally, I think he’s pitching too predictably.

Chase sat out yesterday, and so often this year, because of his hip/ foot/ shoulder etc. The hip, while doing fine, requires rest to stay strong. Better he sits a bit now and he’s strong in Aug. and sept when we really need him. Also, he got hit yesterday in the shoulder and that may be a pretty bad bruise on the bone. In general, you don’t want to weaken two posistions with a day off. With Howard playing such good D this year, to move CHase over to play Brunlett at 2nd is to weaken the entire right side of the infield.

i hear ya babe but you have to understand one thing. the way utley plays the game it takes more of a toll on his body than someone like howard. ie, all the hit by pitches, all the broken up doubleplays, all the hard slides

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