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I’m into intro music. I’m not sure why, but I tend to notice when the Phillies change their intro music, etc. So I noticed Wednesday that the Phillies did not play Brad Lidge‘s intro music until after he left the bullpen, ran to the mound, got the ball from Charlie Manuel and started his warm ups.

Then – finally – we heard Drowning Pool’s Soldiers.

Before that? The Phillies had a bobblehead race on Phanavision, which featured some carnival-like music. Huh?

Lidge noticed, too.

“I was coming in to some circus music,” Lidge said. “That’s about right.”


Ryan Howard got a few “Watch Out, Bro” t-shirts yesterday. Watch Out, Bro?

Here is an explanation.

Here are the t-shirts.


Gary Matthews‘ hat collection is available at the Majestic Clubhouse Store, but I told him yesterday that I could not pull off the Sarge hat look. I just don’t think I have the cool factor to do it. Sarge assured me that I did, which I thought was nice of him to say.

But then I remembered he’s trying to sell hats. Why I oughta (shaking my fist in the air) …


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The Phillies need to pay more attention to things like music and in general fan motivation when needed. The old Veteran’s Stadium was always abuzz with things like this organ music, the ‘clapping hands’ on the scoreboard, and generally got the fans more into a game. Whoever is in charge would be good to take a second look at CBP in regards to this.

Even at the Mets stadium and the Yankees stadium there was organ music playing like they used to play at the Vet, but really this is good observation about Lidge. Don’t think the players aren’t affected by this as well, Lidge clearly was in this instance and the team is the home team, you wouldn’t get that kind of screwy circus music on the road even.

I agree, rich609! I love the *games* they have on Phanavision, but they’re generally done between innings. The things that really help fire-up the crowd, get’s shut off as soon as a hitter steps into the box. I guess some kind of rule, so they’re not distracted. Stupid rule! Hitters feed off fan reaction! I would think it was more of a distraction, if things quieted down. No wonder, we’ve been doing the wave more and more!

Todd…..The last game I was at, they didn’t play Brad’s intro song ’til he took the mound, either!

I agree about the music, when I hear ‘everybody clap yo hands’ I cringe. Save that garbage for Queens. Our fans know the game and don’t need any more motivation than a charge horn every now and then.

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