Amaro: Losing Brett Would Be A Big Blow

amaro.jpgBrett Myers
said earlier today that it’s almost 100 percent certain he will need surgery on his right hip
, which jeopardizes his season and weakens the rotation.

He hopes a second opinion gives him better news, but he does not sound optimistic.

I talked with Ruben Amaro Jr. about an hour ago outside Chase Utley‘s second annual Utley’s Animal All-Stars charity event — I hadn’t done a stakeout in a while (fun!) — which was held in Olde City. Here is what Amaro had to say about Myers:

Q: Does this increase your urgency to find starting pitching in a trade?
A: We’ve been looking for starting pitching from February on and that hasn’t changed. The urgency, a lot of it depends on what happens at the exam (second opinion with hip specialist Bryan Kelly). We’re going to probably bring somebody from our Minor League system, if in fact we need it. We’ll see how it progresses. The sky is not falling.

Q: Who are the options to take Myers’ spot in the rotation in the short term?
A: (Carlos) Carrasco, (Kyle) Kendrick, (Andrew) Carpenter, (Antonio) Bastardo.

Q: If you lose Myers, is a team with a starting pitcher to trade probably going to wait closer to the trade deadline to make a move, regardless of your situation?
A: That team that decides they want to be a seller? They’re going to try to get the best deal they can possibly get. And if they know Brett Myers is not with us, they’re going to try to get the best deal they possibly can. But I’m sure there are other teams out there who are looking for the same thing. So we have to assess. And if there is a deal to be made we’re going to have to assess whether it makes sense for us, not just short term, but long term as well.

Asked if he had anything else to add, if he wanted to tell Phillies fans to stay calm (all is well!), Amaro declined.

“The fact of the matter is, if we lose him it will be a big blow to us,” he said. “I don’t want to downplay that because if you lose Brett Myers it’s a big deal. But the fact of the matter is, we’ll have to make an adjustment. I don’t know how we’re going to do that, but it starts internally and we’ll see how that works out and we’ll go from there.”


A big assist to Scott Eyre, who kindly gave me a bag of walnuts from the giveaway bag from the event. They kept me standing on my feet while I waited for Amaro.


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Not that I’m hoping for this, but Chan Ho is not in the mix I assume? They were looking for a pitcher before this happened – are they looking for two now?
Stinks for Brett with free agency coming for him.


When I kept reading about all of Mutts injuries they’ve had so far, I of course chuckled a bit, but also thought better keep my fingers crossed that the Phils don’t incure any big injuries. Well, here we are with a BIG injury. This will certainly be a big test for Ruben in his first year as GM.

This article covers pretty much all in-house and trade options (24 in all) for replacing Myers and maybe Moyer down the road. Good quick read, talks about what prospects we’d have to give up for who, and contract situations for pitchers we’d trade for as well…

Considering the state of their payroll this year, I would expect that they will try to keep the solution in-house. While Bastardo appears to be the better option, do we want four lefties in the starting rotation?
That article is interesting, but Halladay is a pipedream. He’s not going anywhere, IMO. But I guess they have to inquire and I would be willing to give up a lot for him.

psalveso1, thanks for the link. One thing for certain is that whatever Reuben decides to do will give us a clue about the likelihood of Brett returning as a Phillie next year. Many Phans still label him as a wife-beater and will be happy to see him go. I think Brett has grown a lot as a person as well as a player, the culmination of which was last year’s WS Championship. This could easily do us in this year.

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