Manuel Clears the Record

manuel looks on.jpgI joked with Matt Stairs last night that the Phillies should start spending nights in Philadelphia in hotels so they think they’re on the road.

The Phillies are 9-14 at home and 16-6 on the road.

Charlie Manuel addressed his team’s issues at home again after last night’s 6-2 loss to the Marlins. Actually, Manuel addressed something he said Tuesday, which was blown out of proprtion Wednesday.

Manuel met with reporters in his office Tuesday afternoon, when he also addressed his team’s issues at home. Manuel was asked about the fan support, which he said has been great. But he also mentioned how before games, standing behind the batting cage during batting practice, he often hears fans thank his players for last season. He said that is great, but he also does not want to live in the past. He said he wants to win in 2009, too. That is when Manuel said the following about the fans:

“Maybe they should get on us a little.”

Now here’s an important piece of context to that quote: He wasn’t being serious. In fact, he laughed after he said it.

Manuel wasn’t really suggesting the fans need to start booing the Phillies more. He wasn’t suggesting the fans are playing a role in his team’s struggles at home. He cracked a joke. But because it got taken out of context, Manuel felt he had to address it after last night’s game.

He said he was trying to be funny. He said the team’s problems at home have nothing to do with the fans.



Barry Axelrod is the agent for Jake Peavy. He said last night that the Phillies have two of three things going for them in a potential trade: they’re in the National League and they’re a winner. The one strike against them? Geography. Peavy’s family has a home in Southern California. He has three small boys, and they prefer their father remain close to home where they can see him.

“It’s not a controlling factor, but it is a factor,” Axelrod said.

My sense is that Philadelphia simply is too far for Peavy to go, and that even if the Phillies could work a deal with the Padres that Peavy ultimately would veto it.


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Here is the thing I would ask Peavy’s kids….would you like to deny your Daddy a chance for a ring? Just saying….

Hey its summertime soon, schools out… about vacationing in Philly for the summer M/M Peavy and family??? LOL!

Hope Myers hip problems can be healed quickly! I heard suggested on DNL that with Romero returning next week, Charlie might have the flexibility to put Lidge on the DL and have Romero set-up and Madson as the closer. This is in case Lidge’s knee is still bothering him. I assume that if Myers needs the DL, they’d bring up someone from LV. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

P.S. FYI: Deb, FIJ, John in LA: have received FB invites, but am having computer trouble @ home and can’t access FB @ work. Will accept your friendship invitations soon. Thanks!

I have said this bef0re…..I don’t get the “playing close to home” mind set. Teams are on the road for half the season. Unless Peavy signs with the Dodgers, Angels or Padres, his kids won’t see him anyway. And I would assume the Angel’s are out. And like Karen said, school will be over soon.

Peavy could surely get a new home where ever he goes, to keep his family close. Unless the kids live with their mom and Peavy doesn’t get along with her, or something. Debindixie has a good point also.

Also…interview with JC Romero over on the Phoul Ballz page. Check it out.

Take the Peavy kids to the Jersey shore for the summer. They’ll have a blast. ..I also was thinking that if the Phils screw up against the Nats, they should spend the next home series up at Lehigh U. in the dorms like the Eagles do in summer camp.

First of all, Charlie should not joke about a 9-13 home record. It’s disgraceful. I wonder if any team in the history of MLB has ever had a home record this bad at this point in the season and had gone on to the playoffs. I think the Phightin’s will be the first. Thank God for the Nats!

You guys don’t get the big picture. Jake Peavey has a dilemma. He really loves pitching for the Padres, but because of their financial problems. They really need him to wave his no-trade clause and go some where else. He is setting up all these ridiculous restrictions on his trade in the desperate hope that the Padres will be able to draw more fans to the stadium, so they can make enough money to keep him. But if they trade him, I don’t see him going to an NL West team. He wants to be near San Diego. He said NO to the American League. He wants to be on a contender. No problem Jake, you can just play in Tijuana for the Mexican League.

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