Myers: Surgery Is Likely

myers 0527.jpgIf Brett Myers can find a way to pitch this season with his injured right hip, he said he will try.

But surgery sounds inevitable, which means his season is in jeopardy.

“It sounds like surgery is almost 100 percent from the first opinion,” Myers said in a telephone interview Thursday. “They told me that my hip is (messed ) up. They tried to compare it to (Chase Utley‘s hip). From what they said it’s similar – similar, but different. It’s got different fraying. I don’t want to say it’s worse, but that’s kind of what they told me.”

Myers left Wednesday’s game against the Marlins at Citizens Bank Park in the sixth inning after his hip kept locking up. He has had the problem for about a month, but he said his hip has bothered him on occasion the past couple years. But he said it never felt as bad as it felt Wednesday. Myers had x-rays after the game that showed bone spurs in his hip joint. He had a MRI exam Thursday that the Phillies said revealed fraying and possible tearing in the labrum in the hip.

Myers, who has been on the disabled list just once in his eight-year career, sounded concerned Wednesday night, but he never expected one of the first words from team physican Michael Ciccotti‘s mouth would be that he needed surgery.

“I honestly didn’t think I would need surgery,” Myers said. “I thought it would show some inflammation or some slight stuff that would need work, but I could pitch through. I definitely didn’t think they would be recommending surgery. But they recommended surgery right after I talked to them. That was the first thing they told me.”

Myers plans to get a second opinion from New York-based hip specialist Bryan Kelly, who performed surgery on Utley’s hip in November. He said if Kelly recommends surgery, he said he plans to have surgery as soon as possible to improve his chances of pitching before the end of the season.

Is that even realistic?

“I’m just hoping that it’s something easily fixable,” Myers said. “Ciccotti said three to four months. From today that’s September or October. I would hope that would be the best bet. That’s what I’d like, you know?

“I have to do it regardless. Surgery is required regardless of when I get it. Whether or not I pitch through it this year and get it in the offseason will be up to me. It’s going to be up to me. But if that doctor tells me I have to have surgery now, then I’m going to do it. There’s no point in even trying to (mess) with it and mess it up to where I can’t walk when I’m 30.”

Myers, who is a free agent after the season, is 4-3 with a 4.66 ERA in 10 starts this year. He and Cole Hamels have been the team’s most reliable starters in a rotation that has the worst ERA in baseball. Losing Myers for any stretch would be a major blow, and certainly would step up the team’s efforts to acquire starting pitching help.

The Phillies said in a statement that “it is possible that Brett will not make his next start. That decision as well as any decision on a possible DL stint or surgery will be determined at a later date.” But any chances of Myers making his next scheduled start seem like a miracle long shot at best.

“If (Kelly) tells me I can’t (mess) it up anymore and go for it and I have to take some pain pills or whatever to pitch through it then that’s what I’ll do,” Myers said. “If I can pitch through and I can’t mess it up anymore, I’m definitely going to try to pitch through it.”


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What is it about this injury that seems to make this the injury du’jour?
Myers, Utley, Rodriguez….. And are the trainers taking precautions to pre-treat and stretch?

Damn. I hate to hear when one of our guys get hurt. If it’s anything remotely close to Utley’s injury, Myers will be out until at least September. That’s not good news for the Phils…

Since Brett will more than likely need at least one trip to the DL (bare minimum…) who do you think will replace him? I think Park’s days as a starter are done, so it’s more likely to be either Andrew Carpenter, or Bastardo, whom I hear is tearing the Minors up.

We’re F’d in the A!

When will these guys ever learn to stop saying…..”I’m fine” to Charlie?! And when will Charlie ever stop believing them, when they say it?! I understand about *playing through the pain*. But there’s a really thin line between not helping the team, and actually hurting the team.

I suspect that this injury has been cumulative. I think had Brett gotten an MRI at the end of last season, they could have performed the operation last year, and he could have been fine this whole year. Maybe all players should be checked at the end of every season, regardless of whether they think they’re injured enough to require surgery. Even if Brett can pitch, his effectiveness will suffer, as we witnessed in his last outing. This year was so important for Brett because he’ll be a free agent next year. I really feel bad for him….

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