Myers Will Have Surgery

myers speaks.jpgBrett Myers
said he will have surgery on his injured right hip, which likely ends his season.

He met today with New York-based hip specialist Bryan Kelly, who recommended Myers have surgery. Surgery could be as early as Thursday.

Kelly told Myers he could give him a cortisone shot and he could try to pitch through the injury, but there would be no guarantees it would go well and there would be risks to his health.

“I would still be feeling the discomfort and the locking sensation in my hip,” Myers told “It could ultimately do more damage. Then I would have to have the surgery after the season, which cuts into the offseason stuff I need to do to get ready for the next season. He also said he was very concerned about giving me a cortisone shot and me going out and trying to pitch through it and altering my mechanics and ultimately hurting my arm. He was worried about that. He’s like, ‘I don’t want you to try to go out there and pitch through everything and end up hurting your arm.’ I thought that also. It made my decision a little easier to swallow because I wouldn’t want to have two surgeries.

“He also said if he gave me the cortisone I could further injure the hip. And if I had surgery in the offseason it could be worse and it could be a longer recovery time. He also said if you get older there’s a good chance you might have to have a hip replacement, if I worsened it. Those things kind of scared the (heck) out of me a little bit. Thinking about hurting my arm. Thinking about having a hip replacement. So the other option is just to get it done and worry about next year.”

Myers, who is a free agent after the season, said his goal is to pitch again this season, although that sounds like a longshot.

“He said it’s a good goal to have, but I have to be careful,” he said. “If you think about it, I’m going to have to keep up arm strength somehow. I’m going to have to pitch to hitters at some point to see how I’m doing. I don’t know. I’ve got a goal to shoot to come back, but it’s all about how I respond with everything. And there might be somebody there (with the Phillies) who’s pitching pretty damn good and there might not be a point in me coming back. But, yeah, I would like to come back and pitch if it’s possible.

“But he told me my range of motion and everything after surgery will be three times as good with the motion and the power and the full use of my leg now. My velocity should be very good, he tells me.”


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Is Dr. Bryan Kelly a Met fan by any chance?

Brett is likely to gain back all of the weight he lost getting in shape for this season unless he holds to a strict diet. If recovery takes four to six months, I don’t see him being ready to pitch in the playoffs. He’s not Chase. I hope I’m wrong…..

Todd, what are the odds that the Phillies will offer Myers a one-year contract at this year’s salary? That way he can have a full year to showcase before hitting free agency and the Phillies will get one more year to let their young pitchers to develop.

I think Myers has to come back and pitch a few effective games this year. If not, the Phillies will not take a chance with damaged goods even at a one year deal and Myers will be looking for employment elsewhere.

I think Brett Myers has thrown his last pitch as a Phillie unless he gives them a deep hometown discount. The injury may force that to happen but, if he’s deemed healthy, there will be competition for his services and the Phillies won’t get in a bidding war for him.

What has changed in baseball suddenly that has created all these hip injuries? Or is it just something the government is putting in the water supply? Makes ya wonder…


A one year contract? I hope you are not referring to his current salary of about $8 million a year.

What happened to the Cole Hamels who stepped up when we needed him to last year. Knowing that Brett is gone fpr the year, knowing that the short-term solution will come from double or triple-A, knowing the Mets lost earlier, he spots the bottom of the Nats’ order 3 runs in the 2nd. A team’s ACE has to be able to do better than that!! Come on Phils, looks like you’ll have to come from behind and win again!!!

OUTTA HERE!! Ryan Howard has 5 RBIs in the 3rd inning; that’s what I call stepping up!!

Now THAT was a fun game to be at!!! Ryan’s Grand Slam flew right over my head. Well, into the 3rd deck, over my head! Did everyone see me on TV? LOL! Not the best outing by Cole. But has he ever hit a double?!

Too bad about Brett, we may never see him in Philly pinstripes again… I don’t think the Phillies will resign him and he’ll test free agency.

Jamie Moyer goes for win 250 again, see my post on that at my Phillies blog:

It looked to me that Cole Hamels was tipping his changeup. A couple of Nats timed it perfectly yesterday and sent it for quite a ride. True, they were up, but when they know it’s coming it can look like batting practice. Those guys were taking softball power swings yesterday and you can’t do that unless you know what is coming.

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