Ibanez Is Second in NL All-Star Voting

ibanez 09.jpgWho knew Philadelphians could stuff a ballot box?

You were upset that Raul Ibanez, who is second in the National League in home runs and RBIs, ranked sixth amongst NL outfielders in All-Star voting last week. So what did you do? You hit the Internet and punched holes in ballots at the ballpark. It worked. MLB just released its latest voting update and Ibanez ranks second amongst NL outfielders with 817,849 votes.

Chase Utley still leads NL second basemen.

But in a sign fans just aren’t stuffing ballots for Ibanez and Utley, Jimmy Rollins ranks second amongst shortstops, Ryan Howard ranks third amongst first basemen and Pedro Feliz, who quietly is having a fine season, ranks fifth amongst third basemen. Those three players also moved up since last week.


Ryan Howard has been named co-NL Player of the Week with Adrian Gonzalez.


To anybody who uses Twitter: the only Phillies who have Twitter accounts are Chad Durbin, Jamie Moyer‘s Moyer Foundation and the Phillies. That’s it. That means no other players, coaches, managers or broadcasters.

So, no, Utley does not Twitter. I’m only pointing that out because Utley apparently is doing a Twitterview today with golfer John Raser. Except the real Utley knows nothing about it. I figured this out when a) it mentioned Utley’s bogus Twitter account and b) when it said Utley is going to be discussing “marketing, branding, the power of social media and obviously some baseball talk. I will be picking Chase’s brain about the benefits and even goals athletes may have by embracing their fans and the world through social media.” If you’ve ever interviewed Utley, you know it’s like pulling teeth. I couldn’t imagine Utley talking about “marketing, branding and the power of social media,” much less via Twitter.

Yo, Raser, you might be Twitterviewing somebody today, but it won’t be Utley.


The Phillies promoted RHP Kyle Drabek from Single-A Clearwater to Double-A Reading.


The Zo Zone is on Facebook and Twitter.


Great to know I did’t spend hours on MLB,.com during work for nothing. I get to vote 75 times (three e-mail accounts).

Does anyone else think that the phillies won’t make a move to get a pitcher? I think they will discover that any pitcher they want they can’t afford (or dont’ want to aford) and any pitcher they can aford they really don’t want. I mean, with Bastardo, Kendrick, Drabek, Lehr, Carrasco, Carpenter, Worley, and Savery in the minors, why trade to get a B pitcher? And why sell the future for some top guy who will be gone in a year or two?

I think that Myers will be back next year, better then ever, after arbitration and we will slowly move to an all home grown rotation for 2011.

For those of you who disagree, and I’m sure there are plenty, please outline the trade you’d make including who you’d give up.

I also stuffed the ballot box for our Fightins🙂 Glad to see my efforts weren’t wasted. Nice to see Feliz moving up in the standings.

As for our impending pitcher trade/acquistion: I think that Ruben will wait a bit to see what the “open market” brings. I think his thinking that many teams aren’t ready to sell quite yet since they might be in contention is pretty practical. Hopefully as it gets closer to the deadline, some other candidates might surface.

Boy oh boy, once again a novice pitcher gets the big spotlight! First Happ vs. The Yankees, now Bastardo vs. Peavy! Hope Bastardo gives Peavy a run for his $$ and shows him he should consider an east coast (I know its probably out of the question)!

to be honest, I don’t really want Peavy. He is a great pitcher, but I am actually looking forward to our home grown talent. I always loved the team of teh ’70’s because of that. Most of the regulars and a good portion of the pitchers were home grown and with the team for years. With this team we have the same base. Howard, Utley, Rollins, Ruiz are all home grown. Victorino and Werth are almost home grown as neither were big leaguers before tehy came to us (Werth’s stay in LA doesn’t really count) I want a all Phila rotation

I only stuffed it for Utley, Ibanez and Ruiz….I think the move of Drabek to AA may be an indication of the near future. There are many who feel that he may be close to ready to pitch in the show. He’s definitely got the best stuff in ther organization.

f-i-j, I don’t want Peavy. He doesn’t want to be here and they would probably have to guarantee the last year of his contract (at 22 million) and give up way too much. His numbers aren’t as good away from Petco so he would also be overpaid for what he can offer. I would find out if Halladay could be had and I would give up the farm for him. Savery; Donald or Marson, based on their need; Taylor or Brown. Throw in Worley if we had to. That’s a lot, but Halladay and Hamels would be the best 1-2 in MLB. Win now, while the window is wide open.

Phan, I agree to win now. The difference is I believe we can win with what we have on the team and in teh minors. I think a rotation this year of Hamels, Happ, Blanton, Moyer and either bastardo, Carpenter, Lehr, etc can win it all. Remember, we can afford to give up 4.50 runs a game and still win 90-100 games this year. Our offense gives us this luxary. I look down teh road a few years and I know that Feliz is gone, Ibanez is gone, Rollins and Utley are FA’s and Ruiz is possible not my starting catcher. I see in the minors their replacements: Marson, Donalds, Brown, mayberry, and I am thinking Dynasty like the Yankees had in the ’50s. Why sell the farm if you dn’t have to?


Congratulation to Kyle Drabek. It’s been a tough road to recovery from surgery. I look forward to seeing him pitch for the Phils in a year or two. Hang in there Kyle!!!

Sorry f-i-j, but I don’t trust that rotation this year. And remember, while you are assuming that the team will score runs at a high rate, that didn’t happen in the playoffs last year. They had some timely hitting, but they won in the playoffs with pitching and defense. JC will be back this week, so the bullpen will get stronger, but they are pitching way too many innings and that will bite them in the end. Trade some major pieces for Halladay and you get an Ace and an inning eater. You still have Drabek and Carrasco , Taylor or Brown and Marson or Donald. Donald is blocked from playing in the majors, in the outfield you still have Mayberry and either Taylor or Brown, and they have other catching prospects besides Marson. They could extend Pete Happy for a couple more years and keep the best defensive 3rd baseman in the game.
Maybe he’s not, as Toronto is hanging in there, but I say go aggressively for Halladay, if he is available.

so let me hear the trade you propose. Name the prospects and players you would send to Toronto for Halladay (please make it something that Toronto would accept)

Good to see Drabek promoted although it does seem a bit hasty. Ruben has showed an impressive amount of confidence in young pitching prospects, which is something a Phillies fan wouldn’t really be used to.
I do think adding a pitcher is right for the Phillies at this point, if they can get good value. In all of the people thinking otherwise, I get a definite “homegrown only!” vibe, which is a really silly way to limit your organization. Oswalt or Bedard would be perfect options at this point, and I’d be happy with a trade that sends, say, Donald to the Mariners for Bedard, or 2 or 3 of Donald, Carrasco, Marson, Drabek, or some other middling prospects to get Oswalt.
The Phillies won’t do anything until late June or July when they can get better value, so I’m more than happy to watch the pitching by committee by our young prospects until then. But Myers isn’t just done for the season, he isn’t going to be a Philly next year, and a reliable #2 guy is just what the Phils do and are going to need.

Phylan, why would Seatle who gave away their best pitching prospect plus to get Bedard agree to trade him for a minor leaguer hitting in teh low .200’s who is projected by many as a utility player at best?

To give away 2-3 of our future catcher, 2 future A pitchers (acordign to scouts) and the player who may be our regular 3B or utility player for Oswalt? That’s a bit high wouldn’t you say?

Wahoo, Raul!!! And I haven’t even put in all of my online votes. I was waiting to see better numbers from a few of our Phils. Maybe I’ll put Rual over the top. LOL! My son and I both took a big handful of paper ballots at the game Saturday. We’ll punch them out, and bring them back on the 12th.

As for the Twittering controversy……There was an article in the Inky a few days ago, about just this. Seems the ONLY Phillie who actually has a Twitter acct., is Chad Durbin. What a shock…..that you can’t believe everything in the cyber-world.

There is no shot that the Blue Jays will be trading Roy Halladay. First of all, for the first time in a while, they are actually a contender in that division, and believe me, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as close as they are now without him. They won’t be trading him, at least, during the season. For anything.

If the Phils’ are going to have a good shot at landing a pitcher, I would say that the most obvious sellers are teams that are at the bottoms of their divisions. That’s not always the case though. A lot of people think the Padres are bad, but they are third in their division, as weak as it may be, that doesn’t matter. Technically, they are still a contender, so a deal for Peavy is going to have to be pretty sweet if they want to land him.

On the flip side of that, there are also teams at the bottom of divisions who think that they can still be contenders. Teams like the Royals, Rays, Mariners, Braves, Marlins, Cubs, Brewers, Giants, and even the Padres are still contenders. Teams that are contenders don’t trade major pieces away to rebuild, especially this early during the season and especially when they still think they have a chance of winning.

That’s why I think that if they are going to acquire any type of pitcher, 1.) It’s going to be from either Cleveland or Houston and 2.) They are not going to drain the farm system. At this point in time, I think that a deal for a guy like Wandy Rodriguez makes sense. Here are a couple of deals that I think might fly with some serious thought.

1.) Astros trade Wandy Rodriguez to Phillies for C Lou Marson, a AAA SP that is major league ready (Ex. Carlos Carrasco) and a lower level player.

The Astros are in desperate need of young catching and if they can get a good deal of a pitcher’s package in return, I think they would be more than willing to part with Rodriguez. Having Ed Wade there is also a plus, as it makes them easier to talk to.

2.) Indians trade Jake Westbrook to Phillies for IF Jason Donald and AAA SP.

This guy is on the DL right now, but I’d love to have him. He’s a proven starter. Give him the run support that the Indians can’t and he’ll shine.

Reading back… OMG that was long. So sorry! Aha. I got really carried away on all of my points! Just wanted to cover all of my bases, lol.😄

I already told you, f-i-j. I would give up Savery, either Brown or Taylor, and either Marson or Donald, depending on the Jays needs. Three prospects for Halladay, and even throw in another pitcher like Worley if need be. With Halladay (we would have to extend him beyond 2010) and Hamels at the top of the rotation, we would win a couple more WS, IMO. You still have either Brown or Taylor plus Mayberry as OF prospects, you still have either Marson or Donald tp use in other trades, and you still have Drabek and Carrasco.

myname_989, Wandy Rodriguez has been getting lit up recently. Maybe hitters are finally on to this guy. If he is Houston’s next Roy Oswalt, they would be morons to let him get away. This time a Michael Bourn and a Geoff Geary will not be enough to get a Wandy from Houston. And BTW, the Indians have scored more runs this year than the Phillies have, so before you post the next time, check the stats please…

f_i_j, I think you’re undervaluing Donald and overvaluing everyone else you just mentioned. Oswalt and Bedard are just two examples of good fits for the Philly rotation. Cliff Lee, Webb, and Halladay are also good examples but the Phillies can’t be afraid to put forth a serious offer.

As for Bedard, Seattle is going to have to start selling again, and he’s an obvious candidate. Bedard for Donald has been floated elsewhere and is really not all that unreasonable, although the Phillies would likely have to add something minor to sweeten it.

We have to remember that there are a lot of pitchers who would not want to pitch at CBP, mostly for personal stat reasons I’m sure. Some are afraid of the fans booing them when they don’t pitch well. Some don’t like the weather. We all love the Phils and would do anything to help them win another WSC, but a lot of players on other teams are still wary of playing in Philly. No one should assume that we will automatically get the guy we all want once the offer is made. And contrary to some of the comments I’ve read, there isn’t an unlimited amount of money to get a starting pitcher. Steinbrenner doesn’t own the Phils! Plus, the best guy isn’t always the best guy, if you know what I mean. We won the WS with Joe Blantan, not Harden or Sabbathia.

I agree about the park factors (although CBP’s reputation is somewhat undeserved, as far as overall park factor goes it’s basically a neutral park). As far as money though, the comments that Ruben Amaro and other team officials have made about the situation suggest to me that money won’t be a big obstacle in going out and acquiring a high-in-the-rotation guy.

f-i-j, you have to remember that we won the WS last year because of our pitching, not our offense. Pitching wins championships and our pitching staff right now is one solid 2 or #1 away from being a better rotation than last year and that much closer to repeating. I don’t think we will have to sell the farm to get an established starter either. I really think that Marson, Donald, and Carrasco (with maybe another prospect like a Savery or Stutes) would return us Oswalt or someone like Harang or Bedard. We can afford to trade Marson because we have D’Arnaud who projects as a better player than Marson (both offensively and defensively). We can afford to give up Donald because he doesn’t have a spot right now and after his season last year, he has pretty high value (yes I know he is hitting .230 in AAA but you can’t discount his previous numbers in the minors). Finally, we can afford to trade Carrasco because we have a wealth of pitching prospects in the Minors like Drabek, Bastardo, Knapp, Worley, etc. In my opinion though, the only untouchables should be Brown, Taylor, and Drabek.

I still think that Reuben is looking for a guy “under the radar”. Blantan was that guy last year. I think he will find that pitcher, and a lot of Phans will bitch and moan about it just like what happened when they got Joe last year. I hope that Reuben learned enough from Pat Gillick; this his his biggest test.

Marson should even out, he’s just in a slump right now. His OBP has stayed just slightly below average (.333) and you have to figure in the fact that he’s been somewhat unlucky (.262 BABIP). He’s also walking just as often as he strikes out, which is fantastic. He’ll be fine.

Marson should even out, he’s just in a slump right now. His OBP has stayed just slightly below average (.333) and you have to figure in the fact that he’s been somewhat unlucky (.262 BABIP). He’s also walking just as often as he strikes out, which is fantastic. He’ll be fine.

Unfortunately, despite a great postseason performance, in Blanton’s case, “under the radar” meant “not very good.” Rube has given every indication that this will not be another Blanton-type acquisition.

Reuben is doing everything behind closed doors. He won’t make the mistake the Whitesox GM made. In the past two weeks, two pitchers have come out and said that they would not wave their no-trade clause to pitch for the Whitesox. How humiliating!

Reuben is following the best course of action. First, he is going to give the Iron Pigs starters a chance. It could be like a revolving door or a boomerang. The pitcher who doesn’t succeed will end up back in Lehigh Valley. And the next pitcher will try, until someone proves he belongs. But if none of them can make the grade, he’ll have to trade for a starter. This is when I think Amaro will look for an under-the-radar starter from somewhere. It could be from anywhere. There are three pitchers on the Pirates that look very promising. It’s a question of who is Reuben willing to give up. Jason Werth? Shane Victorino? Mayberry Jr? I hope not!

Out of the players currently with the MLB club, I see Werth being the most likely to be moved if teams ask for a ML ready player/starter. We have a lot of depth at OF in the system, but I would think it would take Mayberry to hit consistently up here for Ruben to consider moving a starter like Werth.

@erichh1: Easy killer. I wouldn’t exactly call Wandy the Astros’ next Roy Oswalt. The Phils’ aren’t looking for a top of the rotation guy. Actually, I think it’s highly unlike that they’ll acquire anyone via trade, but anyway, just for the heck of it…

I did my homework on Wandy. He’s the number two guy in Houston, but only by default. After Oswalt and Wandy, the Astros have a rotation that consists of Brian Moehler, Mike Hampton, Russ Ortiz, and Brandon Backe, who has been battling with back spasms for quite a while.

I don’t get to watch every Astros game, living here in Philly, but I have read into his stats. I’d hardly call his line getting “roughed up”.

On the season, Wandy is 5-4, but his ERA is a really good 2.24. Now like I said, I don’t often get to see him pitch, but I would like to have him as our 3rd or 4th Starter. Another important thing. He doesn’t give up the long ball. Only one HR this season. His SO to BB ratio is also stellar. 62 SO and only 21 BB.

Now Jake Westbrook is a little bit of a different case. He hasn’t made any starts this season. In his brief outings last year, however, he was 1-2 with a 3.12 ERA. When your starter is giving up 3 runs a game an losing, then your not getting the run support that a team who puts up big numbers should be getting.

And what does the fact that the Indians scored more than the Phillies have to do with anything? I was talking about the support they give the pitcher, not how well the offense was doing.

Maybe you should do your homework next time. =D

Bastardo cannot stay in the rotation long term. Four lefties is suicide, IMO. My guess is that he’ll get a few starts while they hope Kendrick or Carrasco get their act together. Maybe even Drabek gets a shot down the road (they appear to be fast-tracking him).
But watch, the Jays will be in fourth place and be sellers by the All-Star break and Halladay may be available. The Phillies have what it takes to get him in the fold. They can’t be afraid to give up good prospects for an Ace who can help them win for the next couple of years.

Every comment Ruben has made and every rumor that’s been floated has suggested if the Phils trade for pitching talent it will be a top of the rotation kind of guy and not a Blanton-like acquisition. I don’t know why people continue to downplay it, but Myers will not be a Phillie next year and the Phils need a legit number 2.

But Sarge’s is real! Right? No? Wheels? No? T-Mac? NO?!?!?! I’m very disappointed right now…

I have been voting regularly for my N.L. all-star pick, and was rather indifferent to the A.L. selection when I realized that no matter whom I voted for , or even if I left it blank, My vote was being registered as being cast for Brandon Inge. Has anybody else experienced this?

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